All theses, dissertations, capstones, and applied clinical projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Workflow and The Implementation of Object-Oriented Methods, Stephen L. Huber


Thesis: Habitat Utilization by Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Christine A. Hudak

Dissertation: Collaborative Learning and Wireless Local Area Networks, Gene Hundley

Dissertation: Inferential Disclosure Limitation in Multivariate Categorical Databases, Randy Lamar Justice

Dissertation: Caregiver well-being and occupational lifestyle enrichment : a comparative case study, Wendy Krupnick

Dissertation: Implications of 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11-Computer Validations and COTS System Testing, Christina M. Laiacona

Dissertation: Securing Web Based Transaction Services, John J. Lombardi

Dissertation: The Adaptation and Implementation of ISTE Standards in the Integration of Technology-based Learning in the Classroom, Gloria J. MacCorkindale


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Histopathology of Cardiovascular Lesions in 17 Rough Toothed Dolphins (Steno bredanensis) Stranded in the Florida Panhandle During 1997, 1998, and 2001, Milan Manasijevic


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Descriptive Epidemiological Study of Stranded Dolphins Along the Florida Coastline, Ali P. Miller


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Macrobenthic Spatial Patterns and Community Structure on the Broward County, Florida (USA) Reefs., Ryan P. Moyer

Dissertation: A Retention Issue-Predicting The at Risk Student in Community College Web-Based Classes, Herbert E. Muse Jr.

Dissertation: Data Conversion: An Investigation of Management Role in the Change Process, Mc-Chester O. Odoh

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Skill Sets Needed by Information Systems Managers to Cope Effectively with the Transition from Legacy Systems to Client/Server and Distributed Computing Environments, Ejike C. Okonkwo

Dissertation: Sensory modulation and affective disorders in children and adolescents with asperger syndrome, Elizabeth Pfeiffer


Dissertation: Finding Unexpected Events in Staring Continuous-Dwell Sensor Data Streams Via Adaptive Prediction, Peter G. Raeth


Dissertation: An Integrated, Secured, Open-Source Medical Prototype for Collaborative Patient Management on the Internet, Joseph Dabre Ramsey


Dissertation: A Comparative Analysis of Design Techniques for the Construction of an Expert System for Aircraft Engine Diagnostics, Mitch Raton


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Feed Trials of Fatty Acid Composition, Feeding Frequency, and Ration Size on Litopenaeus vannamei Grown in Hard, Fresh Water, John L. Reguzzoni


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effect of Nutrient Enrichment and Elevated CO2 Partial Pressure on Growth Rate of the Zooxanthellate Coral Acropora cervicornis., Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar

Dissertation: A Model for Strategic Planning and Administering an Asynchronous Learning Network and SCORM within Higher Education Using the UML, Everett Ryam

Dissertation: Investigating the Role of Sexual Reproduction in Diploidy Age-Structured Evolutionary Populations, Jerry A. Smith


Dissertation: Biology and Ecologyof Epigean Crayfish That Inhabit Everglades Environments Procambarus alleni (Faxon) and Procambarus fallax (Hagen), Peggy G. Vanarman


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Occurrence of Higher Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts in Two Coastal Subtropical Habitats, Catherine Vogel


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Seasonality of Mass Strandings: Implications for Cetacean Stranding Sites, Rebekah J. Walker

Dissertation: Web Services Based Agents for Supply Chain Collaborative Contract Initiation, Gary J. Wane


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Long Term Effects of Oil and Dispersed Oil on Mixed Seagrass and Coral Beds: The 18th Year of Studies Following Experimental Dosing, Greg Allen Ward

Dissertation: A Taxonomy of Media Usage in Multimedia (T-MUM), Meghan Williams


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Phylogenetic Relationships in the Gorgonian Family Plexauridae (Anthozoa: Octocorallia: Holaxonia) Based on Two Mitochondrial Genes: Evidence for Multiple Lineages, Herman H. Wirshing

Dissertation: A Model for the Implementation of a Blog in a Manufacturing Environment, Chaelynne M. Wolak

Dissertation: Wireless LAN Technologies: A Model for Planning, Designing, and Implementing a WLAN Solution in a Global Manufacturing Enterprise, Ronald G. Wolak


Thesis: Age, Growth and the Annual Cycles of lipogenesis and Reproduction of Acanthurus bahianus in Southeastern Florida, Stacy M. Wolfe

Dissertation: A Model of Critical Success Factors for Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Packages in Higher Education, Ilya V. Yakovlev

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Achievement of Students in a Distance Learning Second Language Class and in a Traditional Classroom Second Language Class, Beverly S. Alcott


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Nearshore Hardbottom Fishes of Broward County, Florida USA, Robert M. Baron

Dissertation: A Systems Analysis of a Networked Information Technology System at a Local Police Department: The Melbourne Police Department Case Study, M. Joanna Bass

Dissertation: The Effect of Computer-Based Accounting Practice Sets on The Achievement of Introductory College Accounting Students, Bryce A. Bernard

Dissertation: The Development of Reliable Metrics to Measure the Efficiency of Object-Oriented Dispatching using Ada 95 a High-Level Language implementing Hard-Deadline Real-time Programming, Eugene W. P. Bingue

Dissertation: Application of Artificial Neural Networks to the Tactical Asset Allocation Model, C. Augusto Casas

Dissertation: The Viability of a Satellite-based Internet Learning System for the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study, Galen R. Collins

Dissertation: Evolutionary Algorithms for VLSI Test Automation, Alfredo Cruz

Dissertation: Visually Searching the World Wide Web for Content: A Study of Two Search Interfaces, Carol Cusano


Dissertation: The Geometric Mean as a Generator of Truth-Value in Heuristic Expert Systems: An Improvement over the Fuzzy Weighted Arithmetic Mean, Walter L. Dixon

Dissertation: Computer System Self-Defense Through Object Self/Non-Self Recognition, James T. Dollens

Dissertation: A Comparative Analysis of DDs and Humans on Making Loan Decisions, Tammy I. Engelman


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Effects of Beach Renourishment on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting and Hatching Parameters, Jennifer M. Gibson Hartwig

Dissertation: An Investigation of Project Dependencies and Risks in Project Schedule Slippage and Effort Overrun in the Engineering Computing Organization, Farideh V. Gozleveli

Dissertation: Design and Implementation of a Prototype Toolset for Full Life-Cycle Management of Web-Based Application, Joseph G. Gulla

Dissertation: High Speed Routing Table Lookups for Current and Next Generation Internet Routing, Ernest Hampson III

Dissertation: A Study of the Use of Paper Book Metaphors in the Design of Electronic Books, Harold A. Henke

Dissertation: Audiologist as the entry level professional, Hish Husein


Dissertation: A Technique for Visualizing Software Architectures, Jon M. Inouye


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Effects of Isolation Distance and Reef Size on Associated Fish Assemblages: A Study Using Artificial Reef Modules, Lance K. B. Jordan

Dissertation: Utilization of Internet2 Videoconferencing Capabilities for Delivery of Collaborative Tele-education: A Case Study, Stephanie Wood Karran

Dissertation: Neural Networks to Predict The Properties of a New type of Batch Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, Ernest E. Klerks

Dissertation: Measuring Usage and Usability of Online Databases at Hartnell College: An Evaluation of Selected Electronic Resources, Jennifer Lagier


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in MDOS Mesocosms: The Role of Vegetation and Response to Marsh Dry-Out, Michelle Lajti

Dissertation: Foundations of Computer Science A Survey of Computer Science via its Grand Ideas, Gary H. Locklair


Dissertation: An Empirical Investigation of Employee Perceptions of Outsourcing Success of Information Technology Operations, Lynda Roberson Louis

Dissertation: Using The Internet to Build Community and Provide Clinical Practice Guidelines for Camp Nurses, Jo Lynne Lundy


Thesis: Beach Crawl Width as a Predictive Indicator of Carapace Length in Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta)., Dawn M. Miller

Dissertation: Students' Success With World Wide Web Search Engines: Retrieving Relevant Results With Respect to End-User Relevance Judgments, Stacy A. Nowicki

Dissertation: Integrating Computers into The Classroom: Combining Workshops, Online Learning, and Mentorship to Train Teachers, Robert N. Polselli Jr.


Dissertation: Enterprise Integration Modeling Linking Enterprise Integration Architecture With Business Strategy Planning, Easton B. Rhodd

Dissertation: Information Technology Usage in Metro Manila Public and Private Schools, Maria Mercedes T. Rodrigo

Dissertation: The Learning Process, Moderation and Discourse Patterns in Asynchronous Computer Conferencing, Sarah Schrire

Dissertation: Teaching Object-Oriented Programming with Modeling Tools: Effects on Cognitive Load, William A. Smith


Dissertation: The Design of Online Learning Communities for Older Adults, Martha Marie Snyder

Dissertation: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of a Portable Electronic Meeting System in a Co-located Computer Supported Cooperative Work-Environment, Ronald P. Sperano


Thesis: Coral Recruitment to Various Artificial Substrata, Miami Beach, FL, Nicholas C. Straccione


Dissertation: A Comparison of the Use of Artificial Neural Networks, Fractal Time Series and Fractal Neural Networks in Financial Forecasts, Beverly A. Swisshelm


Dissertation: Y2K Serendipity: Benefits and Spinoffs, Roy Gwen Taunton


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Biological Assessment of Three Artificial Reef Materials: Tire-Concrete Aggregate, Gravel-Concrete Aggregate, and Limestone Boulder, Brian K. Walker

Dissertation: A Study to Determine the Predictions of Success in a distance Doctoral Program, Carole E. Wilkinson


Thesis: A Comparison of Aeration Methods and Diets for Larval Culture of the Edible Sea Urchin, Tripneustes ventricosus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea), Ray Wolcott

Dissertation: An Investigation of a Distributed Search Mechanism Consisting of a Set of Cooperative Agents Implemented With Different Heuristics Schemes, MunTuck Yap

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Dissertation: Knowledge Discovery by Attribute-Oriented Approach Under Directed Acyclic Concept Graph(DACG), Wenyi Bi

Dissertation: Reliability of the Hareau thumb opposition goniometer, Janine Hareau Bonomi

Dissertation: Long-term effectiveness of two occupational therapy interventions on the lives of people with MS : a randomized controlled trial, Sherrilene Classen


Thesis: Abundance and Distribution of Commensal Amphipods From Common Marine Sponges of Southeast Florida, Stacie E. Crowe

Dissertation: A Model for the Delivery and Evaluation of Asynchronous and Interactive Synchronous Library Services at Southern Adventist University, Ann T. Greer


Dissertation: Guidelines for Development of Courses for Delivery Over The Iowa Communications Network, Gary F. Hasman

Dissertation: Intellectual Capital Management Among Project Managers in the Information Technology Domain, Diane S. Hayes

Dissertation: The Design of a Logarithmic File Data Allocation Algorithm for Extent Based File Systems, Dominique A. Heger

Dissertation: Computer-Aided Performance Analysis using Product-Form Queueing Networks to Model Steady-State Behavior: An Examination of a Medical Device Communications Network, David B. Hendrickson


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Classification of Acropora cervicornis in Nearshore Waters of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Scott A. Herber

Dissertation: Development of Computer Skills in Physical Therapist Students, Cheryl J. Hill

Dissertation: An XML Based Authorization Framework for Web-based Applications, David Jacobs

Dissertation: Faculty Attitudes Toward Educational Technology: An Extension of Bullard's Analysis of Selected Variables, Sallie J. Johnson

Dissertation: A Software Reengineering Method for Evolving a Structured Legacy System to an Object-Oriented System Model Using the Unified Modeling Language, David R. Jones

Dissertation: Relationship between sensory processing and self care for children with autism ages two to four, Sonia Kay


Dissertation: The Extraction of Classification Rules and Decision Trees from Independence Diagrams, Robert W. Kerbs

Dissertation: The Value of Distance Learning MBA Programs to Employers and Employees, Amy E. Koresdoski

Dissertation: Effectiveness of two different occupational therapy interventions with individuals with multiple sclerosis : a randomized controlled trial, Catherine Peirce

Dissertation: A Firm Level Study of Information Technology Productivity Using Financial and Market Based Measures, Alan R. Peslak


Dissertation: Dynamic Update Techniques for Online Maps and Attributes Data, Thanh H. Pham

Dissertation: Newborn hearing screening justification and guidelines for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Paola Poullet-Veguilla

Dissertation: Constraints of Migrating Transplant Information System's Legacy Data to an XML Format For Medical Applications Use, Kenneth W. Revels

Dissertation: Electronic Commerce and Internet Advertising, Virginia L. Rosenkrans


Dissertation: Comparison of Student Performance and Attitude in a Lecture Class to Student Performance and Attitude in a Telecourse and a Web-based Class, William J. Ryan