All theses, dissertations and capstone projects from graduate students at Nova Southeastern University.


Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Dissertation: An Investigation of the emerging Role of the Information Systems Professional in a Client/Server Environment, Sunhee Park Lee


Dissertation: A Theoretical Model for a Prescription Drug Public Key Cryptographic System, Donald R. Lemma

Dissertation: The Implementation and Integration of the Interactive Markup Language to the Distributed Component Object Model Protocol in the Application of Distributed File System Security, Jenglung Lin

Dissertation: Models for Optimizing the Use of Contractors in Information Systems Application Development Outsourcing, Craig S. Lipman

Dissertation: The Effects of Air Traffic Controllers' Cognitive Style, Learning Strategies and Performance within a Multimedia Training Environment, Jane S. Mahoney


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Development of Techniques for the Cultivation of Fish in a Converted Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kevin L. Mahoney

Dissertation: Impact of a fitness program on the ability of long-term survivors of spinal cord injury to participate in daily living activities, Nancy Marshall


Thesis - NSU Access Only: A Comparison of Growth Rate Between Shallow and Deep Tanks, Using Hybrid Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus x Oreochromis aureus, Madelyn T. Martinez

Dissertation: A Study of the Attitudes of Management and Employees Toward Telecommuting, Joseph J. McVey

Dissertation: An Analysis of the Implementation of a Workflow System for Health Information Management, Mary Gregory Coffin Murray

Dissertation: A Microwave Link Over Water In A Tropical Zone Case Study, Theresa Anduze Parris

Dissertation: Learning about Scientists in a Gender-Equitable, Multimedia Environment, Dennis R. Pitts


Dissertation: A Study of the Computerized Reading Management Program, Accelerated Reader, and its Effect on Reading Among Primary Grade Students, Mitchell O. Pratt

Dissertation: Self-Esteem and Intrinsic Motivational Effects of Using a Constructivist and a Behaviorist Approach to Computer Usage in Fifth Grade Hispanic Classrooms, Sharron A. Redden

Dissertation: A Reasoning Mechanism in the Probabilistic Data Model Based on the Maximum Entropy Formalism, Bellarmin N. Selvaraj


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Temporal Variability in the Protist Community Structure in Port Everglades, Florida, Kevin C. Spingler

Dissertation: Qualitative study of therapists' treatment choices and patients' treatment preferences in hand therapy, Robinette Strutton-Amaker

Dissertation: Statewide Online Web-based Training Program to Prepare New Jersey Community College Faculty for Distance Teaching, John Sullivan


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Depth Distribution, Growth Rates, and Photoacclimation of the Green and Brown Color Morphotypes of the Scleractinian Coral Porites astreoides, Susan L. Thornton

Dissertation: Pictogram: The Design and Implementation of a New Visual Programming Language, Takaaki Tomizawa

Dissertation: An Internet-based Collaborative Prototype for (SAP R/3) Database Administrators, Ramora Connor Townsend

Dissertation: An Architecture Design for a Customized GUI to Support Personal Preference, Patricia A. White

Dissertation: Building an Asian Cultural Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Efficient and Advanced Computing, Ying-Lu Yen

Theses/Dissertations from 1998


Dissertation: The Role of the Einstein Library of Nova Southeastern University in Meeting the Needs of Distance Education Students, Anne K. Abate


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Barium and Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Chronologies from Two Southeast Florida Coral Species- Environmental Implications, Daniel Anderegg

Dissertation: Contributions to Supervised Learning of Real-Valued Functions Using Neural Networks, Victor David Sanchez Aylas

Dissertation: A Low-Cost, Decentralized Distributed Computing Architecture for an Autonomous User Environment, James W. Barker

Dissertation: System Requirements for a New Management Control Expert System Generalized Inference Engine Interfacing With a Client/Server Notification System, Abby H. Brown

Dissertation: Proposition of the Temporal Variation Data model and Evaluation of an Implementation, Mark A. Brown

Dissertation: Technological Literacy Assessment in Secondary Schools Through Portfolio Development, Joyce Bethea Bryan


Dissertation: Variability in Copepod Hatching Success: Observations on Natural Populations and Experiments on the Role of Maternal Diet, Carol A. Burkart

Dissertation: The Effect of Alternate Forms of Feedback on Student Achievement and Motivation, Phyllis Chasser

Dissertation: Successful Web Design Factors in Commercial Web Sites: A Case Study, Ming-Che Chen

Dissertation: A Model for Applying Total Quality Management in Computer Information Systems Management, Jeanetta R. Chrystie

Dissertation: A Complexity Comparison of Ada 95 and C++, Francis R. Cirillo

Dissertation: Design and Implementation: A Custom Interactive Multimedia CBT for the Blood-Cell Analysis Industry, Vernon L. Czelusniak

Dissertation: Computer-Supported, Time and Place Independent Distance Education for Adult Learners: A Demonstration Project in Teaching Financial Accounting Via the Internet, Timothy J. Ellis

Dissertation: An Analysis of Usability Issues of The World Wide Web(WWW), Eileen Suleima Ennis

Dissertation: A Performance Analysis tool for Unix Massively Parallel Computers, Andres A. Folleco

Dissertation: A Study to Define Current Practices, Attitudes and Values in the Software Development Community, William M. Hartman

Dissertation: The Effect of Multimedia Training on Student Pilots Encountering Emergency Situations, Joy A. Hatch

Dissertation: The Use of Electronic Meeting System Technology to Aid in Software Requirements Engineering, David M. Heath


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Relationships Between Skeletal Architecture and Density Banding in the Reef Coral Diploria strigosa From X-Radiography, X-Ray Computed Tomography and Image Analysis Techniques, Kevin P. Helmle


Dissertation: Experiments to Maximize Growth in Captive Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus), Brian J. Hicks

Dissertation: Development and Production of the Electronic "Virtual" Pharmaceutical Dossier, Arthur E. Hilscher

Dissertation: A New Method to Update Flash Memory: In-System Programming Algorithms for the Personal Communicator, Daniel M. Hsieh

Dissertation: The Dynamics of Complex Surfaces in n-Dimensions Using Computer Graphics, Walter Sir Anthony Johnson Jr.


Thesis: The Occurrence of PCBs and Chlorinated Pesticide Contaminants in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in a Resident Community: Comparison with Age, Gender and Birth Order, Kathleen M. Kuss


Dissertation: The Auditory Display in Interactive Courseware: Moving Human Factors into Computer Education, David T. Lauret

Dissertation: An Investigation of Critical Success Factors and Procedures for Implementing Effective Information Systems Security Programs, Rey LeClerc

Dissertation: A National Approach to Touch Keyboarding Instruction on Computers in Primary Schools in Belize, Gilda Lewis

Dissertation: The Future of Newspapers A Study of the World Wide Web And Its Relationship to electronic Publishing of Newspaper, Edward C. Lindoo

Dissertation: A Load Balancing Data Allocation for Parallel Query Processing, Wen-Ya Lin

Dissertation: Supplementing Textbook Reading and Writing Exercises in the Typical Spanish III Jesuit High School Language Classroom with Email Conferences, Nicholas D. Lombardi S.J.

Dissertation: A Conceptual Framework, Implementation Plan, and Visual Guide for the Interactive Multimedia Courseware Development Process, Kenneth G. MacLeod

Dissertation: Internet Retrieval and Dissemination of Engineering Documentation: Prelude to The World Wide Web Technological Mall, Phillip R. Marcus


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Effects of Various Salinities on the Growth, Reproduction, and Pathology of Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus), David Z. McMahon

Dissertation: Distributed Multimedia Information and Training Systems: Development of a Design Model for Interactive Training Using the World Wide Web as a Delivery System, David S. Metcalf II

Dissertation: An Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Implementation of Telecommuting by an Organization Through Identification of Critical Success Factors, Ted Mikell

Dissertation: Revitalizing the Midcareer Computing Technical Professional, Sarah J. Mitchell


Dissertation: Effect of Electronic Portfolio Assessments On The Motivation And Computer Interest of Fourth And Fifth Grade Students In A Massachusetts Suburban School, Paul V. Montesino


Dissertation: A Simplified Faceted Approach To Information Retrieval for Reusable Software Classification, Victor Allen Nguyen


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Diel Relationships of Bacterial Growth Rates, Bacterivore Grazing Rates, and Dissolved Carbohydrates in Subtropical Marine Coastal Waters, Sean O'Brien

Dissertation: A More General Markov Reliability Model for Computer Systems, Simon S. Qiu

Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Diel Patterns of Glucosidase Activity and Dissolved Carbohydrates in South Florida Coastal Waters, Tom Quinney

Dissertation: Creating Competitive Advantage With Internet Technology, Robert C. Raciti

Dissertation: Possible Futures: The Role of Technology in Education, Larry A. Sears

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Characteristics of Teachers and Their Attitudes Toward Technology Integration in Their Courses, Barbara Faye Shegog

Dissertation: An Educational Executive information System Prototype for Public School District Superintendents, Richard H. Sutor

Dissertation: Planning , Designing and Integrating a Distributed Wireless Mobile Intranet Architecture For Local and Wide Area Networking At a University, Salim R. Yazbeck

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Dissertation: The Use of Presentation Software(PS) by College Faculty in an Undergraduate Institution to Enhance Their Teaching, Samuel Abraham

Dissertation: A Model for Cultural Resistance in Business Process Re-engineering Failure, Larry E. Beebe


Dissertation: Development and Evaluation of Interactive Courseware for Visualization of Graph Data Structure and Algorithms, Thomas E. Beutel

Dissertation: An Extension to the Information System Architecture Framework for Eliciting and Representing System Requirements, Candice L. Buchanan

Dissertation: An Investigation of Community College Administrators' Perceptions of Educational Technology Facilities, Robert H. Calabrese

Dissertation: Identification of Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of Electronic Data Interchange, Rolando Rueda De Leon

Dissertation: The Interrelationship Between CASE/I-CASE and Organizational/Software Measurements, Michael Falat

Dissertation: The State of Disaster Recovery Planning in Texas Small Businesses, Star M. Ferdinand


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Daily Feeding Rhythm to Demand Feeders and the Effects of Timed Meal-Feeding on Growth of Juvenile Florida Pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, Matthew J. Heilman

Dissertation: The Development of Enterprised-Based IS Frameworks to Handle Outsourcing by Small and Medium Enterprises in the Republic of China, Yaw-Shyan Huang

Dissertation: Intelligent Collision Warning System Based on Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Technologies, Paravila O. Jacob

Dissertation: A Method for the Application of Computer Analytic Tools to Clinical Research: Neural Networks Analysis of Liver Function Tests to Assist in the differential Diagnosis of Liver Disease, John P. Kirchner

Dissertation: Optimization of Paging Cost in Mobile Switching System by Genetic Algorithm, Hee C. Lee

Dissertation: Electronic Student Portfolios A Tool Performance-Based Assessment ( A Pilot Project in the Berks County Pennsylvania Schools), Robert B. Lipton

Dissertation: A Critique Of The Software Reuse Facilities In C++, Babu V. Mani

Dissertation: Multimedia Development Project Farming for The Future CD-ROM, Cameron W. Mateika

Dissertation: Casual Inferences of Achievement By Adult Learners as Determined By Learning Style Difference in Hypertext-Based Computer-Assisted Instruction, Ronald D. McFarland

Dissertation: An Effective Software Development Methodology for Quality Software Development in a Scheduling Department, Kathryn J. Moland

Dissertation: On the Development of a Software Architecture for a Distributed Information System that can Support the Warrior as Envisioned by the U.S. Department of Defense, Frederick I. Moxley II


Thesis - NSU Access Only: The Effects of the H1 Histamine Antagonist Chlorpheniramine on Reinforcement, Learning and Memory in Goldfish, Carassius auratus, Carrie A. Nelson

Dissertation: A Framework for the Design of a Voice-activated, Intelligent and Hypermedia-based Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Manoj S. Patankar

Dissertation: Effects of Computer-Based Cooperative Learning on the Problem Solving Skills of Grade Six Students, Steven Poris

Dissertation: An Empirical Study of Critical Success Factors for Implementing Client/Server Human Resource Information Systems, Elizabeth L. Rich

Dissertation: A Study of Social Organization in Science in the Age of Computer-Mediated-Communication, Jean M. Roehrs


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Fine Structure of the Gill Vasculature of the Yellow Stingray (Urolophus jamaicensis), Robin L. Sherman

Dissertation: A Methodology for File System Performance Evaluation, Gregory E. Simco

Dissertation: Predicting Success in Computer Science at a Community College, Beverly Shugar Simon


Thesis - NSU Access Only: Microplankton Biomass and Composition in Relation to the Gulf Stream Front Off Southeast Florida, Gayle Louise Stone

Dissertation: The Construction and Validation of an Evaluative Instrument for Academic Library World Wide Web Sites, Mark Stover

Dissertation: Information Technology in a University: An Institutional Case Study of Instructional and Research Computing in a client/Server, Winston M. Tellis