Submissions from 2022

Substantiation and Validation of the Benefits of CUREs in STEM using a Combination of Self-Reported Gains and Alignment with Learning Objectives, Monica Aguiar, Luzcarime Saco Vertiz, Mina Ghali, Rachel Keating, Ane Mashiach, Rajin Persaud, Kayla Rubalsky, Akshata Sastry, Irene Stepensky, Trisha Sudhakar, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

A Spatial Assessment of Impacts to the Flats Fishery by Recreational Boating in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Kristin Anderson


One iteration for the second boundary condition for the nonlinear one dimensional Monge-Ampere equation, Gerard Awanou

Do habitat degradation and chemical alarm cues alter the escape behavior of a schooling coral reef fish?, Monica D. Bacchus

Parasites of raptorial birds of South Florida, Vanessa R. Blanchard, Christopher A. Blanar, and David W. Kerstetter

Abundance, Site Fidelity, and Association Patterns of Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) off the Coast of Southeast Florida, Graysen D. Boehning, Barbara Brunnick, Stefan Harzen, Lauren Nadler, and Amy Hirons


On the Linear Independence of Finite Gabor and Wavelet Systems, Abdelkrim Bourouihiya

Spatio-Temporal Symbiont Mosaics Influence on SCTLD Susceptibility in Orbicella faveolata, Samantha F. Buckley, Brian K. Walker, Caroline Dennison, and Andrew Baker


The Effect of Fluorinated Substitution of Meso Phenyl Porphyrins on Porphyrin Basicity, Harsh Chheda, Rushi Patel, Maria Ballester Ph.D., and Victor Castro Ph.D.


The Effect of Fluorinated Substitution of Meso Phenyl Porphyrins on Porphyrin Basicity, Harsh Chheda, Rushi Patel, Maria Ballester, and Victor Castro

Evaluation of Nearshore Carbonate Chemistry Within Major Navigational Inlets of the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area, Harrison Davis

Comparative study of homocoupling reactions to create 2,2’-bipyridine adducts, Ethan DePry, Hoa Le, and Beatrix Aukszi

Heroines in Literature and Film, Aileen M. Farrar

Seeing and Observing: Care and the Medical Humanities, Aileen M. Farrar


Silence: Women’s Narratives of Illness and the Haiku, Aileen M. Farrar

TikTok Tourette’s: Social Media & Patient Narratives, Aileen M. Farrar

What Comes Next?, Aileen M. Farrar


Conference Conventions & Etiquette: Redux, Aileen M. Farrar and Marlisa Santos

Periodic Spatial Disturbances Alter the Expression of Quorum Sensing Virulence Factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Laura García-Diéguez

Sewage-based epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in South Florida, Eben Gering


Distance and Interpersonal Analysis on Learning Progression of Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Biochemistry, Mina Ghali, Kayla Rubalsky, Irene Stepensky, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

NSU Marine Turtle Tracking: What we know so far about the post-nesting movements of loggerhead (Caretta caretta) turtles nesting in Broward County, FL, Glenn D. Goodwin and Derek A. Burkholder

Investigating the specific phosphorylation sites of the human mineralocorticoid receptor using phospho-mapping, Valentina Guidi, Beatrix Aukszi, and Anastasios Lymperopoulos

Banquet, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Coffee Break, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Coffee Break, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Coffee Break, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Lunch, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Lunch, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Morning Coffee, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences SGA

Morning Coffee, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography SGA


How Prey Defense Patterns Predator-Prey Distributions, Evan Haskell

Evaluating the Effect of Symbiodiniaceae on the Survival, Acquisition, and Growth of Newly Settled Corals of Three Caribbean Species, Michael B. Hood


Global impacts of COVID-19 on education and research in healthcare and STEM: Analysis of case studies, Yumna Indorewala and Santanu De


Global Impacts of COVID-19 on Education and Research in STEM and Healthcare: Analysis of Case Studies, Yumna Indorewala and Santanu De


Research and Education in Global Healthcare and STEM During COVID-19: Analysis of Case Studies, Yumna Indorewala and Santanu De

High incidence of partial colony mortality constrains realized growth for three coral species (Montastraea cavernosa, Porites astreoides and Siderastrea siderea) in southeast Florida, Nicholas P. Jones and David S. Gilliam

Identifying the Influence of Ocean Acidification on the Calcification Rates of Different Functional Groups on Coral Reefs, Amanda Kempton and Jennifer Mallon

Occurrence and Potential Impacts of Organic UV Filters in Acropora cervicornis, Megan M. Kennedy

LOWERED ACOUSTIC DOPPLER CURRENT PROFILER ANALYSIS OF DATA FROM SLOCUM G3 GLIDER IN A WESTERN BOUNDARY CURRENT, John Alexander Kluge, Alexander Soloviev, Geoffrey K. Morrison, Terry L. Thompson, Ben Allsup, Paul DeVine, Jon Wood, and Andreas Thurnherr

Lessons learned on toxic cyanobacterial blooms from studying the microbial ecology of Lake Okeechobee, Lauren E. Krausfeldt, Elizaveta Shmakova, Hyo Won Lee, Yvain Desplat, Paisley Samuel, Eric Fortman, Robert P. Smith, Barry H. Rosen, Hidetoshi Urakawa, and Jose V. Lopez


Numerical schemes for integro-differential equations related to alpha-stable processes, Xiaofan Li

Blue marlin and sailfish post-release recovery periods revealed via high-resolution biologging, Ryan Logan

Closing Statements, Jose V. Lopez

Why and How to Sequence All Eukaryotic Genomes on the Planet, Jose V. Lopez and EarthBioGenome

The Influence of Growth Efficiency on the Inoculum Effect, Estefania Marin Meneses and Gabriela Diaz-Tang


The Importance of Virtual Learning in Biochemistry Laboratory Course to Supplement Wet-Lab Research, Ane Mashiach, Monica Aguiar, Rajinder Persaud, Trisha Sudhakar, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

Microbial impacts on loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtle hatching success, Colleen McMaken

Pelagic Habitat Use by Benthic Fishes – The Juvenile Scorpaenoids of the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, Drew W. Mertzlufft

Plastic Ingestion by Pelagic and Benthic Crustaceans at the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Daniella E. Milanese


Modeling and simulation of microscopic fibers in a viscous fluid, William Mitchell


A Novel TCR Clustering Method for SARS-COV-2 Epitopes, Naziba A. Nuha

“The Golden Age of Science” Lecture Series announcement, Stephen James O'Brien

Carbon source driven metabolic buffering determines the co-existence of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Camryn Pajon

Comparing Efficacy of Epoxy Versus Cement for Outplanting Caribbean Staghorn Coral, Acropora cervicornis, Daniel Perez, Dave Gilliam, and Grace Hanson

Processing and Analysis of Velocity and CTD Data from a Wirewalker Wave-Powered Profiler Experimental Deployment, Alfredo Quezada

KEYNOTE: Deep Sea Discoveries and Adventures- Highlights of Dives with the Johnson-Sea-Link Submersibles, John K. Reed

Goals and Projects of the Marine Larval Ecology and Recruitment Lab, Karagan R. Ross

Taxonomic resolution and biodiversity evaluations for deep-sea fish assemblages in a pelagic ecosystem of the northern Gulf of Mexico, Krista N. Scheuerman

Effects of Predation on Orbicella faveolata Coral Colonies After Coring, Reagan Sharkey, Hunter Noren, and Brian K. Walker


From Derivation to Error Analysis of Splitting Methods—A Contemporary Review, Qin Sheng

Ocean-Based Climate Actions, Alexander Soloviev

Spatial and Temporal Environmental Variability in the West Lake Park Mangrove Ecosystem, Gretchen M. Spencer

Elemental concentrations and persistent organic pollutants in the endangered Hawaiian monk seal and select prey species from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Yvanna M. Strait, Dimitrios Giarikos Dr, Charles Littnan Dr, and Amy C. Hirons Dr.

In Search of… Mesopelagic Boundary Communities. What Are They, Why Just Hawaii, and Could They Occur in the Atlantic Over Deep-water Coral?, Tracey Sutton, Tammy Frank, Rosanna Boyle (Milligan), and April Cook

Opening Comments, TBA

Southeast Florida Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Intervention Efficiency, Kathryn Toth

KEYNOTE: Geological perspectives on the degradation and restoration of Florida’s coral reefs, Lauren Toth

Measurement and modeling of small-scale to mesoscale ocean circulation in the Straits of Florida, Breanna L. Vanderplow, John Kluge, Alexander V. Soloviev, Richard Dodge, Jon Wood, Johanna Evans, William Venezia, and Michael Farrar

Region-specific movements of oceanic whitetip sharks in the western North Atlantic Ocean revealed by long-term satellite tracking, Jeremy Vaudo, Bradley M. Wetherbee, Guy Harvey, and Mahmood Shivji

The SCTLD Resistance Research Consortium, Brian K. Walker

Stabilization and Associated Benthic Recovery of Ship Grounding Sites after Boulder Deployment, Shane Wever, Nick Jones, and David Gilliam

Reskinning of large Orbicella faveolata in the wake of SCTLD, Alexander G. Wheeler, Kathryn Toth, Reagan Sharkey MPS, and Brian Walker Ph.D.


A Weighted Probability Measure for Objects in Euclidean Space, Alessandro Xello


AAPI’s Contributions to Higher Education and American Society, Honggang Yang


Zoonosis at the Huanan Seafood Market: A Critique, Daoyu Zhang, Gilles Demaneuf, Adrian Jones, Steven Massey, Steven Quay, Yuri Deigin, and Louis R. Nemzer

Submissions from 2021

Using case studies to enhance instructional approaches and student’s learning experience, Bertha K. Amisi


Navigating COVID-19-based Challenges to Global Education, Research, and Management in Healthcare and STEM, Stephanie Autore, Jessica Hallett, Michelle Hoang, and Santanu De

Climate Change and Indigenous knowledge, Elena Bastidas

Climate change and Indigenous knowledge: Learning from a different view, Elena Bastidas

Simulated Scarcity and Sustainability: An Ecocritical Analysis of Resource Management in Animal Crossing, Melissa Bianchi

Simulated Scarcity and Sustainability: An Ecocritical Analysis of Resource Management in Animal Crossing, Melissa Bianchi

Caminantes, Laura Bustamante, Sebastian Bruno-Harris, Jaynilee Hernandez Fernandez, Isabel Gouveia, Diana Larrea, Lauryn Lawrence, Kandy Lopez, Emilio Martinez, Vincent Miranda, Aurora Molina, Roberto Rafael Navarrete, Charo Oquet, Julian Prado, Rosemarie Romero, Izel Vargas, and Joseph Velazques

(0,1)-Matrices Avoiding Certain Patterns, Lei Cao

Blockers of Pattern Avoiding Permutation Matrices, Lei Cao

Pattern Avoiding (0,1)-Matrices, Lei Cao and Richard Brualdi


Health Profession Students’ Learning Outcomes Channeled by the Adoption of a Virtual Classroom, Gesulla Cavanaugh, Melissa Morris, Santanu De, Clarissa Afable, Holly E. Madison, and Jacqueline Marshall

NITROUS OXIDE ADAPTATION ON GENE EXPRESSION IN BREAST CANCER CELLS, Harsh Chheda, Estevan Ruiz Limón López, Zainab Mahmood, Ankit Sharma, Tina Tran, Uzma Abdulbaseer, Farouk Alshatti, and James A. Radosevich

Homecoming, Rebekah Coffman and Amanda Furiasse

Mediation Evaluation Techniques and Human Factors in the New Normal, Harold Coleman, Rebecca Storrow, and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Walking the Tight Rope in Mediation: The Art of Balancing Evaluation Techniques and Human Factors, Harold Coleman, Rebecca Storrow, and Alexia Georgakopoulos


Key Strategies for Effective Pedagogy and Assessment of College STEM Courses Online during COVID-19, Santanu De and Georgina Arguello

Supporting Graduate Writers Across the Disciplines, Veronica Diaz, Clarisse El Khouri, Imani Gibbs, Megan M. Provenzale, Troy Thisler, Janine Morris, and Kevin Dvorak

Emotions and Affect in Tutoring Interactions, Elise Dixon, Rachel Robinson, Lauren Brentnell, Steven J. Corbett, Anna Rita Napoleone, Luke Iantorno, Kelly A. Concannon, and Janine Morris

Transforming the Trump Effect: Peace Education Responses to Rising Authoritarianism, Cheryl Duckworth

Youth Leadership for Peaceful Schools, Cheryl Duckworth

Classroom Resistance: Responses and Innovations in a Time of Rising Authoritarianism, Cheryl Duckworth, Jenny H. Peterson, Juliette Shedd, Borislava Manojlovic, and Mary Schwoebel

The Influence of Winner and Loser Effects on the Outcome of Sporting Competitions, Omar T. Eldakar

Viewing sports performance through the lens of evolutionary biology: winner-loser effects and why only runners get “high”, Omar T. Eldakar


Pathologization of Art: From Carlyle to Swinburne, Aileen M. Farrar