Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research

January 2019

Nova Southeastern University

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Anyone who has ever taught someone how to do qualitative research knows the challenges and joys in helping somebody to not only understand and appreciate these approaches to rigorous inquiry, but also to perform and critique the skills necessary to produce works of quality and distinction. The lessons we learn when we endeavor to teach are reflective gifts we need to share so others striving to instruct and to study qualitative research can benefit from our practice-based wisdom.

As students of qualitative research, we too gain valuable insights when we take a class, perform an exercise, and receive feedback. Be it the lessons we all learn conducting our first significant qualitative inquiry, comprehending a qualitative methodology we have never encountered, or discovering something new in our final day in the field, these first-hand experiences deserve to be heard and their teachings savored.

As qualitative researchers, we also learn something new every time we conceptualize a study, conduct an inquiry, and report our findings. As reviewers and authors, we likewise learn together as we co-construct articles in a reflective, didactic dance of writing, reviewing, revising, and re-writing. In this vein, we are all students of the craft, engaging in a life-long exploration of qualitative research knowledge and skills. At the tenth annual conference of The Qualitative Report (TQR), we invite you to share your lessons learned from practicing, teaching, and writing qualitative research.

In January 2019, we want you to help create a three-day learning community in South Florida by sharing your didactic stories: How do you teach qualitative research? What exercises work well in helping students master these skills? What learning technologies do you use? How should qualitative research degrees, certificate, curricula, and courses be organized to maximize effective learning? What innovations did you create to help you complete your first qualitative project? We want to hear these reflexive tales in your proposed papers, panels, and workshops so we all can learn lessons learned of qualitative research.

Please submit your presentation ideas and join us next January at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA for TQR2019! We will be accepting submissions starting in February. Over the next few weeks we will share more details about TQR2019 on the conference's web site: https://tqr.nova.edu/tqr-10th-annual-conference/. As always, please let us know your questions and comments by sending us your emails to tqr@nova.edu, posting to our Facebook page, or by tweeting us!

Official Conference Website

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