TQR 7th Annual Conference

The Futures of Qualitative Inquiries

January 14-16, 2016

Twenty-five years ago we started The Qualitative Report (TQR) in a world much different than what we see today in education, business, and technology; and in our lives in general. The degree to which qualitative research was practiced, published, and appreciated was in distinct contrast to its wider distribution, acceptance, and popularity today. How this quarter century of expansion and proliferation predicts the next twenty-five years for qualitative research is debatable, but we at TQR want to explore this topic in a year-long inquiry into yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We started the process in earnest at the sixth The Qualitative Report Annual Conference when Sally St. George , Dan Wulff, and Ron Chenail presented some of the main trends of qualitative inquiry, product, and training from the 1980’s to 2014 and suggested some possible new and novel trajectories for 2015 and beyond. We then outlined the activities the TQR community will sponsor all 2015 culminating in the 2016 TQR conference with its theme, “The Futures of Qualitative Inquiries.”

From January to June, we will be asking the TQR Community to submit their ideas as to the most important developments in the world of qualitative research over the last twenty-five years. Be it technology, models, practices, people, and publications, we want to know what you think were the things that emerged the last quarter decade that made/makes contemporary qualitative research so different, and hopefully better than what was widely extant prior to the 1990’s. Then from July to December we want to explore what trends can we see today and imagine for tomorrow that will shape qualitative research for the next twenty-five years and beyond. Following what author William Gibson once observed, “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed,” we think many of the things which will become typical and widespread in the next two decades and half could very well be slightly obscured and overlooked today. We want to spend the next year surfacing some of these soon-to-be difference makers.

So, please join us in this time traveling adventure by submitting your presentation ideas for The Qualitative Report Seventh Annual Conference. Every year since 2010, we have invited qualitative research practitioners, faculty, and students from around the world to join us on the Nova Southeastern University campus for TQR16 so please consider coming to South Florida in January of 2016 for our three-day event organized around our theme – “The Futures of Qualitative Inquiries” by sending us your creative ideas for paper and panel presentations, as well as intensive workshops. We encourage prospective presenters to submit proposals that will inspire conference attendees to consider and re-consider qualitative research’s future.

The conference will be taking place at Nova Southeastern University from January 14th-16th, 2016. We will be accepting submissions from February 1st to April 30th, 2015. Over the next few weeks we will share more details about TQR2016 on this page. As always, please let us know your questions and comments by sending us your emails to , posting to our Facebook page, or tweeting us!

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