Learner-Centred Pedagogy in the Global South: Pupils and Teachers' Experience, published by Routledge in 2022 is a book written by Nozomi Sakata. The purpose of writing this book review is to guide readers through a case-based and mixed methods investigation of Learner-Centred Pedagogy (LCP) implementation in the global South, which has primarily been investigated through qualitative methodologies. This book can shed further light on the connection between students' learning attitudes and their academic achievement, particularly those of low-income students. This book serves as a link between early education, which was still founded on culture, and modern education, which is rife with political philosophy, especially in low-income communities.


global south pupils, learner-centered pedagogy, low-income contexts, teachers’ experience, challenges of educating

Author Bio(s)

Reni Marlina, Ph.D. candidate in Biology Education, works as a lecturer at Tanjungpura University, Indonesia. Her research interests include basic teaching skills, micro teaching, lesson study, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), and biology education. Ms. Marlina has been teaching undergraduate students for over a decade. She has also been continuously participating and presenting his research and practices in more than a dozen plus national and international conferences and seminars. She has published articles in various national and international journals and publication presses in the field on biology education and lesson study. She may be contacted by e-mail reni.marlina@fkip.untan.ac.id.

Hamdani is a Physics Education lecturer and researcher in Tanjungpura University, Indonesia. He has written more than three scientific papers on pedagogy. He is currently a head of the physics education laboratory in Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Tanjungpura University. Please direct correspondence to hamdani052185@gmail.com.


The authors would like to express their deepest gratitude to Lembaga Pengelolaan Dana Pendidikan (LPDP/ Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia as the sponsor for her doctoral studies (reference number KET-262/LPDP.4/2021, 14 January 2021) and the support of this publication. We thank our mentors in the Indonesian Researchers for Language Learning and Teaching (iRecall), Frida Akmalia, from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, for mentoring and editing the manuscript.

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