This study commenced as part of a more extensive narrative inquiry about a literacy coach building relationships with two early-career sixth-grade English language arts teachers. The more extensive study revealed a gap in research about the teachers' beliefs and practices and their impact on their students' academic and emotional success. The research questions are: (1) in what ways do two teachers' beliefs and professional knowledge influence their teaching philosophies? (2) How do these teachers' identities influence student outcomes? The two teacher participants took part in interviews, observations, and reflections. By re-storying the data into narratives, three themes from each question emerged. The data shows that teachers firmly believe in their roles in student learning, pedagogical styles, content planning, and curriculum. Additionally, teacher identities influence student outcomes with their engagement, relationships, and comfort in the classroom environment. The results of this study add to the growing body of research on the impact of student success concerning how teachers' beliefs and practices play a role in academics and the social and emotional well-being of overall student achievement.


teacher beliefs, practices, narrative inquiry, students, success, relationships

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Christiana C. Succar, Ph.D., specializes in teacher identity and education, ELA curriculum and instruction, and literacy education. She is an independent scholar and researcher. Please direct correspondence to chsuccar@yahoo.com.

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