The authors of the book, Inquiry and Research Skills for Language Teachers, Kenan Dikilitas and Ali Bostancioglu, present a comprehensive account of how to integrate exploratory practice (EP) concepts into the research process, including step-by-step processes and general criteria to follow. This book guides pre-service teachers' research comprehension and utilization in a pleasant, engaging, and non-overwhelming manner. It includes introspective inquiries, research projects, and the experiences of pre-service teachers. In different parts of the book, the authors explain how this book can help future teachers learn how to do research and ask questions that they can use in the classroom. Research is shown to be a tool that teachers can use to satisfy their own curiosity, encourage an investigative perspective, and strengthen the connections between theory and practice, rather than a burden they have to add to their already busy lives. This excellent, user-friendly monograph is a valuable resource for teachers all over the world who are frustrated by the complexities of publications on educational research methodologies written by academics for academics. This book will help teachers improve their classrooms through inquiry-based pedagogical reflection, exploratory practice, and research skills and methods.


exploratory practice (EP), inquiry, pre-service teachers, reflection, research skills

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Elih Sutisna Yanto is a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, published by EMERALD and Cogent Arts & Humanities published by Taylor & Francis. Elih is a board member of the Exploratory Practice Indonesian Community (EPiC) and faculty member of teacher training and education at Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang, Indonesia. He can be contacted through e-mail at elih.sutisna@fkip.unsika.ac.id.

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