Focus Groups for the Social Science Researcher: Methods for Social Inquiry, by Jennifer Cyr (2019), is an essential research tool for the first-time researcher who is utilizing focus groups. The book breaks the information down into digestible bites and spirals the material reiterating the major points to ensure understanding. For a beginning researcher, this is a thorough resource for guidance in establishing effective research questions to yield usable data that may be coded and themed in a usable format. Readers will find a descriptive walk through the focus group process, from start to finish giving the reasoning for the focus group process. This is an easy yet informative read for those beginning the qualitative research process utilizing focus groups.


focus groups, qualitative research, analysis, coding, interview

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R. Suzanne Legg is a doctoral student at the University of South Florida. Suzanne is a co-founder of Pasco County's first charter school. Suzanne has served at the charter school for 22 years. For further information, please contact R. Suzanne Legg at robynsuzanne@usf.edu.

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