While relevant literature presents us different studies examining teaching English to young learners from an application and practice perspective, its theoretical side, i.e., how to instruct pre-service teachers in foreign language departments to teach the language to young learner profiles is still an area needing investigation. Conducted in English Language Teaching department at a state university in Turkey, this case study was purposed to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating articles into TEYL II course. The participants were 36 students taking TEYL II course in the third grade. The data of this case study were collected through open-ended questions and classroom observations. The data were analyzed through conventional content analysis. The results revealed that integrating articles into TEYL II course had educational, linguistic, affective and individual/group-work-related contributions to participants. Setting out from the results, it can be suggested that articles can be rich sources of theoretical content and offer a scientific base for discussion. Besides, article integration in courses with applicable content is also suggested.


Teaching English to Young Learners, Article Integration, Foreign Language Education, ELT Department, Case Study

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Ayşegül Takkaç Tulgar is an assistant professor in an ELT Department in Turkey. She gives Teaching English to Young Learners I and II courses in the department and in these courses, she tries to follow new instruction and assessment techniques to introduce novelty for learners. Her research interests are cross-cultural pragmatics, induction process of novice teachers, experiences of pre-service teachers in practicum and some global issues impacting foreign language education. Please direct correspondence to aysegultakkac@hotmail.com.

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