While recent years have seen a research interest in the concept of teacher identity, still less is known about the interplay between teacher-researcher identity. This issue is important for the fields of applied linguistics and teacher education because it sheds light on teacher-scholars’ identity realizations. In this study, I examine the interrelations of teacher and researcher identity across different contexts and spaces. Namely, I analyze the trajectories of one teacher as he moved through countries and educational experiences. Data sources included semi-structured interviews, artifacts, and email correspondence. Beginning with the assumption that identity is a complex, dynamic, multidimensional, negotiated, and co-constructed process, I generated and analyzed data through holistic coding (Saldaña, 2016). I found that the participant demonstrated perception of his professional identity as a teacher in terms of duty. I discuss the points of transition, where the participant’s identities were re-shaped. My findings contribute to the conversation about the dichotomous view of teaching and researching.


Professional Identity (Re)Construction, Teacher Identity, Researcher Identity, Instrumental Case Study

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Karolina Achirri is an assistant professor of ESL at Divine Word College. She taught in Poland, England and China for 12 years and worked as an IELTS Speaking and Writing examiner. She published two books on IELTS and a cultural memoir on her life in China. Her research interests include teacher identity, Chinese students' academic experiences in the US, and interculturally responsive language learning and teaching. She is grateful to Drs. Dustin De Felice, Shawn Loewen and Mary Juzwik for their rich feedback on this project. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: karolinaachirri@gmail.com.


I am grateful to my co-chair, Dr. Dustin De Felice and my program director, Dr. Shawn Loewen, for their rich feedback on this project.

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