Close your eyes and reflect on that first moment you entered a research or content-based course and discovered that you would be writing and presenting a research proposal to a researcher to ask for assistance on conducting a study that would solve a current curriculum issue or increase student achievement. Terrell’s (2016) book provides the knowledge and skills students need in an introductory research course, a research proposal course, or a content course that embeds research. Terrell guides students through their proposal and provides samples for students to review and apply to their work.


Dissertation, Mixed Methods Research Designs, Research Proposal, Review of Literature, Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Curriculum, College Course

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Dr. Richard H. Rogers is the assistant superintendent for school operations for the Houston County School District in the State of Georgia and a professor of curriculum with Columbus State University. Dr. Rogers earned his doctorate degree in K-12 Leadership from Valdosta State University. His educational interests include education, leadership, curriculum theory, and qualitative research. Dr. Rogers is the author of a chapter in a book titled Democracy and Decency: What Does Education Have To Do With It? (Information Age Publishing, 2016). Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: rickyalicia@comsouth.net. Follow on twitter at @drrhrogers or connect through LinkedIn.

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