This autoethnography highlights the subjective nature of narrative research and illustrates the ways in which both micro and macro forces impact the research process. Through this article, I present a research tapestry in which the experiences, perspectives and stories of the participants weave together with my own experiences, perspectives and stories. I draw from my dissertation research, a narrative inquiry focused on the experiences of Haitian educational leaders working to create systemic change after the 2010 earthquake.


Autoethnography, Narrative Inquiry, Subjectivity, Haiti, Qualitative Research, Narrative Research, Reflexivity, Positionality

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Laura Colket is an assistant professor at St. George's University in Grenada, where she is the director of the master's in education program and the associate director for the Leadership and Excellence in Academic Development (LEAD) division. She earned both her master’s and doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Her doctoral research grew from her work in Haiti, where she assisted the Haitian Ministry of Education and Quisqueya University in their post-earthquake reforms. Laura has experience teaching a broad range of students, from pre-K to doctoral, and every level in between. She has taught in a variety of contexts and settings, including in the U.S., Morocco, Thailand, and Haiti, and now Grenada. She is a qualitative research methodologist and focuses on the ways in which research can be used for personal, social and organizational change. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: lcolket@sgu.edu.

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