This single case study explored the practicum and student teaching experience of a native Chinese pre-service language teacher in order to better understand her process of developing classroom management strategies and the difficulties and challenges emerged in that process. In a broader sense, the case study aims to inform teacher preparation programs in terms of preparing Chinese teachers for secondary public schools in the U.S. The longitudinal study employed semi-structured interviews, classroom observation notes, teaching reflections and documents. Six themes — instructional challenges, coping strategies, cultural difference, language frustration, attitudes and feelings, and improvement — emerged from constant comparative analysis. Compared with previous literature, the current research underscores the importance of accessibility of classroom management resources and the positive problem-solving attitude of the native Chinese pre-service teacher in her challenging experience of developing classroom management strategies in American public schools. The researchers discuss the needs for providing supporting accommodations for native Chinese pre-service teachers in teacher preparation programs.


Case Study, Native-Chinese Pre-Service Teacher, Classroom Management, Culture Differences, Language Barriers, Challenges

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Xianquan Liu is a full-time doctoral student in TLTE at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Her major is Foreign Language Teacher Education, and her research focuses on supporting native Chinese teachers in their pursuit of effective teaching practice while acculturating into the culturally-divergent U. S. educational context. She specializes in research on technology integration, curriculum design, and teacher education for native Chinese language teachers in U.S. context. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: xianquan.liu@huskers.unl.edu.

In the area of research methodology, Dr. Wayne Babchuk specializes in the history, epistemology, application, and instruction of qualitative research across disciplines, research ethics, grounded theory, ethnography, and grounded ethnography. With a broad and diverse background in both education and the social sciences, he strives to bring a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to all aspects of teaching, research, and service. Correspondence regarding this article can also be addressed directly to: wbabchuk1@unl.edu.


Thanks to The Qualitative Report for providing the opportunity for us to present at the TQR 8th Annual Conference and for offering feedback regarding this article.

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