Immigration, cultural capital, cultural hybridity are the contributing players within my autoethnographic research as a second-generation daughter of southern Italian migrants from the post war era. This autobiography of my lived experience identifies contributing influences of arrested development within my educational and life trajectory and explores theoretical frameworks as key comparative indicators for my thwarted stages of psychosocial development. My identity and role as a female is further explored within the construct of a determined and culturally hybrid adolescence in an effort to answer research questions of identity and role confusion. My narratives situate my life as a daughter, student, and future wife living an existence of cultural hegemony acknowledging the non-existence of a bicultural relationship between my family and the Australian way.


Culture, Identity, Education, Autoethnography, Migration

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Rose is a professional educator with Australian and international experience in the education of community services. Her passion has led her to work on innovative models of care that support the psychosocial wellbeing for all persons and promote the use of philosophical and psychological models of education in order for students/community services workers to affect change in a continuously transforming world. Rose's Italian background has provided rich and evocative narratives as a daughter of migrant parents. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: rosewake@bigpond.com.

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