Identification of potential individuals for leadership roles is a critical aspect of a succession management programme, as other aspects of the programme depend on an effective identification. This study evaluates how the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Ghana identifies potential non-academic senior members for directorship roles. We collected qualitative data through in-depth interviewing of nine directors at the university. We analysed the data using constant comparison analysis by developing three themes, under each of which we presented similar categories of data. We found that the criteria for identification of potential directors include seniority; both internal and external sources; and familiarity with the culture, the legal framework, and the higher educational system. We conclude that UCC does not operate a structured, formal succession management but fills leadership vacancies through the traditional recruitment and selection method, an all-inclusive approach which we argue is not suitable for identifying and developing potential individuals for leadership positions.


Succession Management, University of Cape Coast, Identification of Potentials, Ghana, Constant Comparison Analysis

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Nana Yaw Oppong as a senior lecturer at the Department of Human Resource, University of Cape Coast. He holds a PhD in Talent and Management Development (Leeds); MBA (London); BA & Dip. Ed. (Cape Coast). He has taught at the Leeds Business School, UK and has also worked in HR managerial roles. Research interests include cross-cultural HRM practices; talent management and development; and indigenous methods of developing employees, with publications covering these areas. Nana has also shared knowledge in these areas through conference presentations in Ghana, Greece, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and United States of America. He is as well a consultant in human resource management and development. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: noppong@ucc.edu.gh.

Nancy Oduro-Asabere is an administrator in the Department of Management, University of Cape Coast. Holder of Post-Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development, Nancy is currently completing her M.Phil. in Human Resource Management at the School of Business of the University. Her research interests include strategic planning, succession management, organizational cultures and facilitation. Correspondence regarding this article can also be addressed directly to: nancy.oduro@ucc.edu.gh.

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