DeafBlind individuals are resilient human beings who face significant and complex challenges in all aspects of life. Challenges include access to information, communication, academics, social activities, identity, independence, mobility, and moving around in the world. Recently, more DeafBlind students are attending higher education institutions. Therefore, this study focuses on discovering experiences and perspectives of DeafBlind college students who attend a bilingual and bicultural university for sighted Deaf students, where there are a limited number of DeafBlind students. Personal interviews and observations are used to explore how DeafBlind adults navigated college life and what coping strategies they used to overcome academic and social challenges. A grounded theory-based approach was used, as an analysis, as there is limited information and research available about DeafBlind college individuals. Insights and strategies are provided to support new DeafBlind students who plan to attend post-secondary education or are already attending college.


DeafBlind, Adults, College, Communication, Academics, Social, Strategies

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Ju-Lee A. Wolsey is a doctoral candidate in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University (Beaumont, TX). Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: jwolsey@lamar.edu.


The author wants to thank participants for sharing their experiences and insights. This manuscript was originally developed in a research class at Gallaudet University and revised in a “Writing for Publication” seminar at Lamar University. A special thank you and appreciation to M. Diane Clark for her mentorship, guidance, and support, as well as the author’s colleagues for their peer reviews.

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