This article aims to demonstrate how the researcher can utilize the principle of temporality in phenomenology as a method to explore and to reveal the human experience through its application in sex research. Although phenomenological studies have been increasingly adopted for qualitative inquiry in the field of social science, the idea of the horizon of temporality and its practical utilization is rarely demonstrated explicitly. In this study, the researcher has investigated the interpretation of marital experience of Chinese spouses in Hong Kong who have been assessed with sexual dysfunctions with attention to the couples’ perspectives. Having adopted a synthetic qualitative research orientation in line with an interpretive research paradigm and with an emphasis on phenomenological principles, this article elicits the research paradigm, its philosophical orientation and the related research principles for a framework of utilizing temporality and its application for research.


Temporality, Phenomenology, Lived Experience, Chinese Marriage, Sexual Dysfunctions

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Kevin K.W. Kwan, PhD, is a lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University-Hong Kong Community College and a private clinical social work practitioner in Hong Kong. This article is part of his PhD study completed at the Department of Social Work, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Dec. 2013. His academic interests include integrative clinical practice and bridging amongst philosophy, psychotherapy and clinical social work practice. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: kwkwan@hkcc-polyu.edu.hk.

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