A collection of 26 chapters dealing with a host of topics in qualitative research (QR) under the scholarly authority of David Silverman, a putative scholar in the field of QR is to focus of my book review. While reading the book chapters I realized how colorful QR had become in recent years and how many methodologies exist today for those of us who are eager to move their research program a step further. Personally, as a qualitative researcher who has used mostly semi-structure interviews in his researches, the book challenged me to think of employing other methodologies because the world in which we live is not only verbal, but also visual, virtual, and manifold. My review attempts to deliver my thoughts and impressions when reading this brilliant collection of qualitative perspectives and methodologies.


Interviews, Focus Groups, Ethnography, Digital Research, Visual Data, Qualitative Data Analysis

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Izhar Oplatka is a professor of Educational Administration and Leadership at The School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Israel and the head of the Department of Educational Policy and Administration. Professor Oplatka’s research focuses on the lives and career of school teachers and principals, educational marketing, emotions and educational administration, and the foundations of educational administration as a field of study. His most recent books include Higher Education Consumer Choice (2015, with Jane Hemsley-Brown, Palgrave), The legacy of Educational Administration: A Historical Analysis of an Academic Field (2010, Peter Lang Publishing); The Essentials of Educational Administration (2015, Pardes Publisher, in Hebrew); Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Schools (2015, Routledge, with Anit Somech). Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: oplatka@post.tau.ac.il.

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