Have you or your students ever had questions about conceptual frameworks or found that you used different verbiage when discussing conceptual frameworks? This book succinctly explains conceptual frameworks and how they inform all parts of the research process. Ravitch and Riggan include exemplar empirical studies as models to help readers see the new knowledge in action. They also challenge your thinking and verbiage with conceptual frameworks. If you are a current doctoral student or if you are a researcher about to begin an empirical study, this book will help you create a more rigorous study that links all parts of the study with the conceptual framework.


Conceptual Framework, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Qualitative Research, Dissertation

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Dr. Richard H. Rogers is the director of personnel for the Houston County School System in the State of Georgia and a professor of curriculum and leadership with Columbus State University. Dr. Rogers earned his doctorate degree in K-12 Executive Leadership from Valdosta State University. His educational interests include human resources, leadership, public speaking, curriculum theory, and qualitative research. Dr. Rogers is the author of a chapter in a book titled Democracy and Decency: What Does Education Have To Do With It? (Information Age Publishing, 2016). In addition, he serves on committees with Middle Georgia State University. Dr. Rogers may be contacted via e-mail at rickyalicia@comsouth.net, followed on twitter at @drrhrogers, or through LinkedIn.

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