Research should be an important component of courses at the college level. Doing Your Early Years Research Project by Guy Roberts-Holmes provides the theory and practice for technical college and undergraduate students to conduct qualitative research in the field of early childhood education. It truly is a step-by-step guide that helps students create a topic that is both personally and professionally meaningful, teaches them how to review the literature, collect data, make meaning of the data, and create the final research project. Researchers will finish this book and project knowing they made a positive difference in children’s lives.


Qualitative Research, Early Childhood, Ethical Issues, Observations, Research Projects

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Dr. Richard H. Rogers is the director of personnel for the Houston County School System in Georgia and a professor of curriculum and leadership with Columbus State University. Dr. Rogers earned his doctorate degree in K-12 Executive Leadership from Valdosta State University. His educational interests include human resources, leadership, public speaking, curriculum theory, and qualitative research. Dr. Rogers is the author of a chapter in a book titled Democracy and Decency: What Does Education Have To Do With It? (Information Age Publishing, 2016) In addition, he serves on committees with Middle Georgia State University. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: rickyalicia@comsouth.net, followed on twitter at @drrhrogers, or through LinkedIn.

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