In Contemplative Qualitative Inquiry: Practicing the Zen of Research, Valerie Janesick offers an impressive, well-organized journey into the essence of what qualitative inquiry intends to offer the world. Janesick weaves Buddhist lessons throughout each chapter so that the reader feels both transformed and at home with the material. In 9 chapters and 8 appendices, Janesick builds a roadmap for the researcher, as only a mindful and fully centered approach can uncover another person’s experience and share it in a way that is heartfelt and real. This review introduces the term contemplative qualitative inquiry to begin a much needed conversation about what qualitative inquiry truly is. Janesick packs each chapter with valuable content for both the novice and experienced researcher, but adds the clear voice of mindfulness as the critical piece of good qualitative inquiry.


Qualitative Inquiry, Contemplative Practice, Zen Buddhism

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Annette Willgens is Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Associate Professor in the Drexel University Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. As a clinical educator, she prefers phenomenology and grounded theory to explore student success during clinical experiences, student teaching and learning, and clinician stress. As a board certified pediatric clinical specialist, she is currently researching yoga in pediatric practice and mindful parenting of children with special healthcare needs. Please address correspondence to annette@drexel.edu.

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