Immy Holloway and Lorraine Brown, the authors of Essentials of a Qualitative Doctorate, explicitly identify their intended audience as “doctoral candidates who write their dissertations in English….” This review looks at the book from two frames, a professor who mentors doctoral students, and, imaginatively, as a student who is trying to write my first qualitative dissertation. I found the book has a number of strengths, most especially its broader focus than solely on a US Ph.D. However, the broad focus left many important details in the background. Essentials of a Qualitative Doctorate is probably best seen as a helpful reminder to a student in the writing phase of the dissertation of what the student should already have learned and mastered in prior course work.


Dissertations, Academic, Qualitative Dissertations, Dissertation Handbooks

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C. Wayne Perry retired in 2015 from full time teaching at Northcentral University, where he was the Director of Clinical Training for the School of Marriage and Family Sciences. He continues to teach part-time at Northcentral, and he continues to mentor students as part of their doctoral committee. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: 4200 Willowbrook Drive, Millbrook AL 36054-1996 USA; Telephone: 334-546-8476; E-mail: wperry@ncu.edu.

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