Method Meets Art offers an enhanced view on how the artistic lens can provide new ways of knowing and become a source of deep enrichment in science; a means to understand everyday realities and the world. It serves as a methods book to all arts-based researchers coming from different disciplines as it includes a comprehensive overview with practical variations and research examples. It may also be of interest to researchers and artists outside the qualitative community from various fields as well as to anyone who wishes to explore the merging of science and the arts.


Arts-Based Research (ABR), Methods, Art, Qualitative Research

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Matilda Mettälä from Malmö, Sweden, has a background as a performing artist, including a radio hit in the US. She has also been teaching music for 20 years. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Musicology from Lund University, as well as her Master in Science in Education. She runs her own business where she is employing music as a tool for the purpose of developing people and organizations. She believes that the inner resources of human beings may be developed and enriched through the kind of learning which incorporates with the individual's process of change by engaging the whole person and by means of aesthetics. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: Matilda Mettälä at, Telephone: +46 704 185999 or E-mail: Matilda.mettala@dimevo.se.

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