Regardless of the increasing emphasis on the importance of language teachers’ content knowledge, there is a lack of consensus regarding its constituents. To this end, a panel of experts and non-experts were requested to express their opinions regarding the constructs of content knowledge (CK) in the format of an open-ended written questionnaire. The findings indicate that teachers’ CK includes eleven categories: teaching skills, structures, method and approaches, curriculum, language acquisition theories, classroom context, language testing theories, learner related knowledge, ELT research methods, and teacher related knowledge. The findings can help training educated teachers to be familiar with various aspects of the CK.


English Language Teaching, Construct Definition, Professional Teachers, Content Knowledge, Educated Language Teachers, Teaching as a Profession

Author Bio(s)

Dr. Reza Khani is an associate professor in applied linguistics. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: khani_reza@yahoo.com.

Anna Hajizadeh is a PhD candidate in applied linguistics. Correspondence regarding this article can also be addressed directly to: anna.4616@yahoo.com.


Anna Hajizadeh would like to acknowledge her high appreciation for the help of one of her teachers, Dr. Khani.

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