This paper investigated food development in the southern part of Rogaland County in south-western Norway. Food is considered a local development part in many municipalities in Norway in terms of new business, employment, etc. This region includes some of the more spectacular geographical structures openly visible in nature. The aim of the study was to investigate the development of food based on a broad understanding in this region. The method used was CurroCus® group interviews, or fast focus groups. Six CurroCus® groups were used, and they completed their participation in six hours. Altogether, 39 persons participated from different age groups consisting of both genders. They were asked to discuss different conditions concerning local food, food festivals, food offers, food producers, and different sales outlets in the region. All interviews were recorded, and two observers took notes during each interview. The empirical data were analysed using a grounded theory approach. According to the findings, some important areas indicate the need for an increased focus for development in the region. Six main categories represented the interpretation from the CurroCus® groups on local food. The main conclusions drawn highlight the region’s several possibilities and challenges for food development as well as several areas that need further research in the future.


Local Food, Grounded Theory, Knowledge Development

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Kai Victor Hansen, Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Norway, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, PhD in Meal Knowledge, MSc in International Hotel and Tourism Administration. He is currently with teaching, researching, and methodological development in the areas of meal experiences, restaurant management, consumer behaviour, tipping in restaurants and sales and marketing.

Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: Kai Victor Hansen at, University of Stavanger–Faculty of Social Science, The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, NO-4036 Stavanger, Norway; Phone: +4751833740 Cell: +4790036744; Fax: +4751833750; E-Mail: kai.v.hansen@uis.no.

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