Current studies focus on the practice of therapy more than the person of the therapist, which remains true in the practice of sex therapy. This study seeks to provide insight into the person-of-the-therapist by exploring the researcher’s personal journey to becoming a sex therapist. Using an autoethnography qualitative research approach, the researcher analyzed his inner experiences. The researcher demonstrated his life in the borderlands, how Eros reconciles his double-consciousness, and how this has led him to his work as a sex therapist. This study encourages readers to reflect and give voice to their own developmental experiences, adding to the collective wisdom, particularly those considering the career of sex therapy


Autoethnography, Person-of-the-Therapist, Sex Therapy, Eros, Differentiation

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G. Corey Carlisle, MDiv, PhD is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist at Building Intimate Marriages. His dissertation was completed at Amridge University studying “Sacred Sexuality for Black Americans.” His research interests include spiritual-sexuality, adult sexual development, and sexual script development. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: G. Corey Carlisle at Building Intimate Marriages, 1325 Satellite Blvd., Suite 1002, Suwanee, GA 30024; Email: corey@intimatemarriage.org

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