This book was written by an experienced teacher, who’s PhD in interdisciplinary studies shows. Salmons provides an easy to read guide to online interviewing. Her text presents complex issues in diverse fields in a very accessible way and encourages readers to think for themselves, as great teachers always do. This text introduces research to the digital environment, of information and communications technology (ICT). It introduces the digital environment, ICT to research. She explores the e-interview process in the Researcher's Notebook, in which shares her own research experience, and which enriches the text. True to the electronic aspect, ancillary materials are accessible via live hyperlinks on the book's companion website.


E-Interview Research Framework, Information and Communications Technologies, Gardener Metaphor

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Una Ruddock, MA (Management: Pastoral & Voluntary Services, 2005), MSc (Social Research Skills, 2011) worked for over twenty years in the Community and Voluntary Sector. She currently presents a weekly one-hour community radio programme, Eco Ear on Liffey Sound 96.4 fm. She is an Apprentice with The Qualitative Report. Her paper, “Vincentian Spirituality and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society,” was published in 2008 in Managing with Heart, edited by Joseph McCann and Moya Curran. Correspondence regarding this review can be addressed directly to: Una Ruddock at Email: uruddock@upcmail.ie or Phone: +00 353 872005696.

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