Qualitative Researchers in the Blogosphere: Using Blogs as Diaries and Data


Weblogs or blogs can provide qualitative researchers with a medium for expressing their thoughts and opinions on qualitative research methods and products as well as serving as the source of data for qualitative studies. Present examples serve as exemplary guides to the potential value of this virtual communication application.


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Dr. Ronald J. Chenail is the Co-Editor of The Qualitative Report and The Weekly Qualitative Report at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). He also serves as the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Director of NSU’s Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research. He can be contacted at 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796 USA; Telephone: 954.262.5389; Fax: 954.262.3970; E-mail: ron@nova.edu.

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Original volume and issue number from The Qualitative Weekly, an offshoot publication of The Qualitative Report which has been folded into the primary journal: Volume 1, Issue 11

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