PCSJ 2023 Conference FAQ

  1. Can I submit more than one proposal?
  2. Yes, each person can submit up to 2 proposals on the PCSJ website. Click the “Submit Proposal” button on our webpage (also on the righthand menu).

  3. When do you anticipate sending acceptances or rejections?
  4. We plan to begin reviewing proposals early February (the new extended deadline is January 31) and hope to send out acceptances mid-April 2023.

  5. Do I have to submit a proposal to register for the conference?
  6. No! You are welcome to register just to attend.

  7. What is the registration deadline?
  8. The deadline is August 30, 2023. You can soon register and pay here on our conference website.

  9. When do I need to submit the full paper?
  10. This is not required. If you wish to submit a full, publishable version of your presentation for review and consideration for our Journal, please feel free to submit here. Note that the conference proposal submission and the Journal article submission are separate processes.

  11. Do you offer sponsorships or scholarships?
  12. While we would love to be able to do so, not at this time.

  13. Are there any virtual options to present and/or attend?
  14. Yes, there are virtual options for both presenters and attendees. We will be using NSU’s Zoom account. Simply select the "virtual" option instead of "on-campus" when you register.

  15. Do presenters need to register, even if my proposal has been accepted?
  16. Yes, all presenters need to register. If two people are co-presenting, both need to register separately. If you are on a panel, each panelist needs to register separately. This helps us plan for food and space.

  17. I’m on a panel. Do I need to register?
  18. Yes, all panelists individually need to register. This helps us ensure that you receive all of the information you’ll need.

  19. How long will I have to present?
  20. Each individual presenter should have about 20 minutes.

  21. Do I have to have a Power Point (or something similar)?
  22. No, this is not required. You’re welcome to use PPT, or other software. Presenters will use the “share screen” feature if they are virtual.

  23. I’ve had my proposal accepted and I’ve registered. What do I do now?
    1. We’ll soon be sending a draft program and schedule (anticipating August 2023). Watch this space!
    2. Double check that your proposal abstract, name, email and institutional affiliation are all EXACTLY as you wish them to be. This is how they will appear in the program.

  24. Do I have to have a Ph.D. to attend or present?
  25. No, this is not required, though we cannot guarantee anyone acceptance of their proposal. Scholars/academics, professionals in the field, and students are all most welcome to submit a proposal, or just to attend.

  27. As you know, we had to cancel PCJS 2022 due to an unusual and unexpected late-season Hurricane Nicole. All presentations accepted for 2022 will be guaranteed acceptance for 2023. HOWEVER we do need everyone to re-submit their proposals. This is because we cannot assume that you are available for 2023, simply because you were scheduled for 2022.

  28. What if I paid for PCJS 2022?
  29. Everyone who paid to attend the cancelled PCJS 2022 has received a refund. For that reason, you will need to re-register for PCJS 2023. If you feel that you paid and did not receive your refund, please contact us Dr. Cheryl Duckworth here or Mr. Jeff Aguiar here right away.