Mathematics Faculty Articles

Mathematics Faculty Articles



Submissions from 2024

The Association Between Gender and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Tessa Breeding, Brian Martinez, Joshua Katz, Hazem Nasef, Radleigh G. Santos, Tracy Zito, and Adel Elkbuli

Submissions from 2023


A survey on varieties generated by small semigroups and a companion website, João Araújo, João Pedro Araújo, Peter J. Cameron, Edmond W. H. Lee, and Jorge Raminhos

Outcomes of Pigtail Catheter Placement versus Chest Tube Placement in Adult Thoracic Trauma Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, George Beeton, Micah Ngatuvai, Tessa Breeding, Ryan Andrade, Ruth Zagales, Areeba Khan, Radleigh Santos, and Adel Elkbuli


123-Forcing matrices, Richard A. Brualdi and Lei Cao


Some Modifications of Hull Operators in Archimedean Lattice-Ordered Groups with Weak Unit, Ricardo Enrique Carrera and Anthony W. Hager


Linking Mathematical Models and Trap Data to Infer the Proliferation, Abundance, and Control of Aedes aegypti, Jing Chen, Xi Huo, Andre B. B. Wilke, John C. Beier, Chalmers Vasquez, William Petrie, Robert Stephen Cantrell, Chris Cosner, and Shigui Ruan

A Minimal Pseudo-complex Monoid, Edmond W. H. Lee

Embedding Finite Involution Semigroups in Matrices with Transposition, Edmond W. H. Lee

Restoring Susceptibility to Aminoglycosides: Identifying Small Molecule Inhibitors of Enzymatic Inactivation, Angel J. Magaña, Jan Sklenicka, Clemencia Pinilla, Marc Giulianotti, Prem Chapagain, Radleigh Santos, Maria Soledad Ramirez, and Marcelo E. Tolmasky

Outcomes of Transfusion With Whole Blood, Component Therapy, or Both in Adult Civilian Trauma Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Micah Ngatuvai, Israel Zagales, Matthew Sauder, Ryan Andrade, Radleigh Santos, Tracy Bilski, Lucy Kornblith, and Adel Elkbuli


A Permanent Inequality for Positive Semidefinite Matrices, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy

Submissions from 2022

Faces of the polytope of doubly substochastic matrices, Lei Cao and Zhi Chen


Morphisms and Pushouts in Compact Normal Joinfit Frames, Ricardo Enrique Carrera

Healthcare understanding of COVID-19 antibody, Naaz Fatteh, Glen E. Sutherland, Radleigh G. Santos, Maxine Hamilton, Joseph Jacob, and Alexander Patel

The lattice of varieties of monoids, Sergey V. Gusev, Edmond W. H. Lee, and Boris M. Vernikov

Intervals of varieties of involution semigroups with contrasting reduct intervals, Edmond W. H. Lee

On join irreducible J-trivial semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee, John Rhodes, and Benjamin Steinberg

Emergency Resuscitative Thoracotomy for Civilian Thoracic Trauma in the Field and Emergency Department Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Amy Liu, Jackie Nguyen, Haley Ehrlich, Charles Bisbee, Luis Santiesteban, Radleigh Santos, Mark McKenney, and Adel Elkbuli

Mathematical models and dynamic behaviors of cancer treatment by continuous and pulsed radiotherapy, Zijian Liu, Zhonghu Luo, Yuanshun Tan, Jianhua Pang, and Jing Chen

Gender Distribution & Rank of Authorship in Surgical Literature, Sruthi Selvakumar, Israel Zagales, Kevin Newsome, Jeffrey Spardy, Radleigh Santos, Dessy Boneva, Deborah M. Stein, Lucy Kornblith, Tracy Bilski, and Adel Elkbuli

Comparing Outcomes of Appendectomy Versus Non-operative Antibiotic Therapy for Acute Appendicitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials, Israel Zagales, Matthew Sauder, Sruthi Selvakumar, Jeffrey Spardy, Radleigh Santos, Jozef Cruz, Tracy Bilski, and Adel Elkbuli

Beta-Blocker Therapy in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Israel Zagales, Sruthi Selvakumar, Micah Ngatuvai, Dino Fanfan, Lucy Kornblith, Radleigh Santos, Joseph Ibrahim, and Adel Elkbuli

Submissions from 2021

Attraction–repulsion taxis mechanisms in a predator–prey model, Jonathan Bell and Evan Haskell


Single cell analysis of host response to helminth infection reveals the clonal breadth, heterogeneity, and tissue-specific programming of the responding CD4+ T cell repertoire, Ivy K. Brown, Nathan Dyjack, Mindy M. Miller, Harsha Krovi, Cydney Rios, Rachel Woolaver, Laura Harmacek, Ting Hui Tu, Brian P. O’Connor, Thomas Danhorn, Brian Vestal, Laurent Gapin, Clemencia Pinilla, Max A. Seibold, James Scott-Browne, Radleigh G. Santos, and R. Lee Reinhardt

Pattern-avoiding (0,1)-matrices and bases of permutation matrices, Richard A. Brualdi and Lei Cao

Pattern-avoiding (0,1)-matrices and bases of permutation matrices, Richard A. Brualdi and Lei Cao


The extreme points of centrosymmetric transportation polytopes, Zhi Chen, Lei Cao, and Selcuk Koyuncu


Discovery of Nanomolar Melanocortin-3 Receptor (MC3R)-Selective Small Molecule Pyrrolidine Bis-Cyclic Guanidine Agonist Compounds Via a High-Throughput "unbiased" Screening Campaign, Skye R. Doering, Katie Freeman, Ginamarie Debevec, Phaedra Geer, Radleigh G. Santos, Travis M. Lavoi, Marc A. Giulianotti, Clemencia Pinilla, Jon R. Appel, Richard A. Houghten, Mark D. Ericson, and Carrie Haskell-Luevano

Functional Mixture-Based Positional Scan Identifies a Library of Antagonist Tetrapeptide Sequences (LAtTeS) with Nanomolar Potency for the Melanocortin-4 Receptor and Equipotent with the Endogenous AGRP(86-132) Antagonist, Mark D. Ericson, Skye R. Doering, Courtney M. Larson, Katie T. Freeman, Travis M. LaVoi, Haley M. Donow, Radleigh G. Santos, Rachel H. Cho, Zoe M. Koerperich, Marc A. Giulianotti, Clemencia Pinilla, Richard A. Houghten, and Carrie Haskell-Luevano


Beryllium-specific CD4+ T cells induced by chemokine neoantigens perpetuate inflammation, Michael T. Falta, Jeremy C. Crawford, Alex N. Tinega, Laurie G. Landry, Frances Crawford, Douglas G. Mack, Allison K. Martin, Shaikh M. Atif, Li Li, Radleigh Santos, Maki Nakayama, John W. Kappler, Lisa A. Maier, Paul G. Thomas, Clemencia Pinilla, and Andrew Fontenot


Association of Hypothermia with Increased Mortality Rate in SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Naaz Fatteh, Glen E. Sutherland, Radleigh Santos, Rita Zeidan, Alexandra P. Gastesi, and Christopher D. Naranjo


Second-Order Semi-Discretized Schemes for Solving Stochastic Quenching Models on Arbitrary Spatial Grids, Nina Garcia-Montoya, Julienne Kabre, Jorge E. Macías-Díaz, and Qin Sheng


CD4+ T Cells in the Lungs of Acute Sarcoidosis Patients Recognize an Aspergillus Nidulans Epitope, Sarah A. Greaves, Avinash Ravindran, Radleigh Santos, Lan Chen, Michael T. Falta, Yang Wang, Angela M. Mitchell, Shaikh M. Atif, Douglas G. Mack, Alex N. Tinega, Lisa A. Maier, Shaodong Dai, Clemencia Pinilla, Johan Grunewald, and Andrew P. Fontenot

Cancellable Elements of the Lattice of Monoid Varieties, Sergey V. Gusev and Edmond W. H. Lee

Bifurcation Analysis for a One Predator and Two Prey Model with Prey-Taxis, Evan Haskell and Jonathan Bell

A model of the burglar alarm hypothesis of prey alarm calls, Evan C. Haskell and Jonathan Bell


Estimating asymptomatic, undetected and total cases for the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan: a mathematical modeling study, Xi Huo, Jing Chen, and Shigui Ruan

A preservative splitting approximation of the solution of a variable coefficient quenching problem, Julienne Kabre and Qin Sheng

Join irreducible 2-testable semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee


Stability of Turing bifurcation in a weighted networked reaction–diffusion system, Jia Liu, Jing Chen, and Canrong Tian


Inhibition of Aminoglycoside 6’-N-Acetyltransferase Type Ib [Aac(6′)-Ib]: Structure-Activity Relationship of Substituted Pyrrolidine Pentamine Derivatives as Inhibitors, Kenneth Rocha, Jesus Magallon, Craig Reeves, Kimberly Phan, Peter Vu, Crista L. Oakley-Havens, Stella Kwan, Maria S. Ramirez, Travis LaVoi, Haley Donow, Prem Chapagain, Radleigh Santos, Clemencia Pinilla, Marc A. Giulianotti, and Marcelo E. Tolmasky


Effectiveness and Safety of Tranexamic Acid Use in Acute Traumatic Injury in the Prehospital and In-hospital Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials, Scott Rowe, Amy Liu, Israel Zagales, Muhammad Awan, Radleigh Santos, Mark McKenney, and Adel Elkbuli


The Relationship Between COVID-19 Infection Rates and Social Determinants of Health in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, Florida, Lindsey A. Taylor, Jarrod Sheehan, Ariel T. Paz, Monica Tromer, Erica Pieper, Iman Squires, Aysha Nuhuman, Radleigh Santos, and Robin Jacobs

Some matrix inequalities of log-majorization type, Bo-Yan Xi and Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 2020


Pattern-Avoiding (0,1)-Matrices, Richard Brualdi and Lei Cao

Symmetric and Hankel-Symmetric Transportation Polytopes, Lei Cao, Zhi Chen, Qiang Li, and Huilan Li


A Short Note on Extreme Points of Certain Polytopes, Lei Cao, Ariana Hall, and Selcuk Koyuncu


Tridiagonal and Pentadiagonal Doubly Stochastic Matrices, Lei Cao, Darian McLaren, and Sarah Plosker


A Classification of Hull Operators in Archimedean Lattice-Ordered Groups With Unit, Ricardo Enrique Carrera and Anthony W. Hager


Phase-Adjusted Estimation of the COVID-19 Outbreak in South Korea Under Multi-Source Data and Adjustment Measures: A Modelling Study, Xiaomei Feng, Jing Chen, Kai Wang, Lei Wang, Fengqin Zhang, Zhen Jin, Lan Zou, and Xia Wang

Varieties of Monoids with Complex Lattices of Subvarieties, Sergey V. Gusev and Edmond W. H. Lee

Pattern formation in a predator-mediated coexistence model with prey-taxis, Evan Haskell and Jonathan Bell

Non-Specht variety generated by an involution semigroup of order five, Edmond W. H. Lee


Blow-up in a network mutualistic model, Zuhan Liu, Jing Chen, and Canrong Tian


A Special Cone Construction and Its Connections to Structured Tensors and Their Spectra, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy

Disparities in Adult and Pediatric Trauma Outcomes: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Carol Sanchez, Saamia Shaikh, Brianna Dowd, Radleigh Santos, Mark McKenney, and Adel Elkbuli

Harnack Type Inequalities for Matrices in Majorization, Chaojun Yang and Fuzhen Zhang

Enumerating Extreme Points of the Polytopes of Stochastic Tensors: An Optimization Approach, Fuzhen Zhang and Xiao-Dong Zhang

Identification of small molecules by screening a mixture-based scaffold compound library for treatment of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, Xiaojuan Zhang, Radleigh Santos, Ginamarie Debevec, Danmeng Li, Ryan Schutte, Kien Pham, Chen Liu, David A. Ostrov, and Marc Giulianotti

Submissions from 2019


On the Linear Independence of Finite Wavelet Systems Generated by Schwartz Functions or Functions with Certain Behavior at Infinity, Abdelkrim Bourouihiya


The Duals of *-Operator Frames for End*A(H), Abdelkrim Bourouihiya, M. Rossafi, H. Labrigui, and A. Touri

A Minimal Completion of (0, 1)-Matrices Without Total Support, Lei Cao

Partitions of the Polytope of Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Lei Cao and Zhi Chen


Diagonal Sums of Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Lei Cao, Zhi Chen, Xuefeng Duan, Selcuk Koyuncu, and Huilan Li


A Note on Multilevel Toeplitz Matrices, Lei Cao and Selcuk Koyuncu


Centrosymmetric Stochastic Matrices, Lei Cao, Darian McLaren, and Sarah Plosker

The Extreme Points of Certain Polytopes of Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Zhi Chen, Lei Cao, and Qing-Wen Wang


Inequalities for Permanents and Permanental Minors of Row Substochastic Matrices, Zhi Chen, Jiawei Li, Lizhen Yang, Zelin Zhu, and Lei Cao

Discovery of Polypharmacological Melanocortin-3 and -4 Receptor Probes and Identification of a 100-Fold Selective nM MC3R Agonist Versus a μM MC4R Partial Agonist, Katlyn A. Fleming, Katie T. Freeman, Mike D. Powers, Radleigh Santos, Ginamarie Debevac, Marc Giulianotti, Richard A. Houghten, Skye R. Doering, Clemencia Pinilla, and Carrie Haskell-Luevano


Neuroevolutional Methods for Decision Support Under Uncertainty, Nina Komleva, Olga Khlopkova, and Matthew He

Locally Finite Monoids in Finitely Based Varieties, Edmond W. H. Lee


Non-finitely based finite involution semigroups with finitely based semigroup reducts, Edmond W. H. Lee

Varieties of Involution Monoids with Extreme Properties, Edmond W. H. Lee

Join irreducible semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee, John Rhodes, and Benjamin Steinberg


Eigenvalue continuity and Gersgorin's theorem, Chi-Kwong Li and Fuzhen Zhang

The Minimum Completions and Covers of Symmetric, Hankel Symmetric, and Centrosymmetric Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Jinze Song, Huili Liu, Hao Rong, Zhentao Xie, Xu Yan, Huilan Li, Zhi Chen, and Lei Cao

A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Phase II Trial of Dendritic Cell Vaccine ICT-107 in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Glioblastoma, Patrick Y. Wen, David A. Reardon, Terri S. Armstrong, Surasak Phupanich, Robert D. Aiken, Joseph C. Landolfi, William T. Curry, Jay-Jiguang Zhu, Michael Glantz, David M. Peereboom, James M. Markert, Renato LaRocca, Donald M. O'Rourke, Karen Fink, Lyndon Kim, Michael Gruber, Glenn J. Lesser, Edward Pan, Santosh Kesari, Alona Muzikansky, Clemencia Pinilla, Radleigh Santos, and John S. Yu

Inequalities for Selected Eigenvalues of the Product of Matrices, Bo-Yan Xi and Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 2018

Scaffold Ranking and Positional Scanning Identify Novel Neurite Outgrowth Promoters with Nanomolar Potency, Hassan Al-Ali, Ginamarie Debevec, Radleigh Santos, Richard A. Houghten, Jennifer C. Davis, Adel Nefzi, Vance P. Lemmon, John L. Bixby, and Marc A. Giulianotti


Symmetric, Hankel-Symmetric, and Centrosymmetric Doubly Stochastic Matrices, Richard A. Brualdi and Lei Cao

Permanents of Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Lei Cao, Zhi Chen, Selcuk Koyuncu, and Huilan Li

Real Zero Polynomials and A. Horn's Problem, Lei Cao and Hugo J. Woerdeman

Modeling the Importation and Local Transmission of Vector-Borne Diseases in Florida: The Case of Zika Outbreak in 2016, Jing Chen, John C. Beier, Robert Stephen Cantrell, Chris Cosner, Douglas O. Fuller, Yongtao Guan, Guoyan Zhang, and Shigui Ruan

On the Maximum of the Permanent of (I − A), Zhi Chen and Lei Cao


Rigid Linkages and Partial Zero Forcing, Daniella Ferrero, Mary Flagg, H. Tracy Hall, Leslie Hogben, Jephian C.-H. Lin, Seth A. Meyer, Shahla Nasserasr, and Bryan Shader


Identification of a Novel Polyamine Scaffold With Potent Efflux Pump Inhibition Activity Toward Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Pathogens, Renee Fleeman, Ginamarie Debevec, Kirsten Antonen, Jessie L. Adams, Radleigh Santos, Greg Welmaker, Richard A. Houghten, Marc Giulianotti, and Lindsey N. Shaw

Arithmagons and Geometrically Invariant Multiplicative Integer Partitions, J. A. Franco, J. Champion, and J. W. Lyons

Monoid Varieties with Extreme Properties, Marcel Jackson and Edmond W. H. Lee

Memory B Cells Activate Brain-Homing, Autoreactive CD4+ T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis, Ivan Jelcic, Faiez Al Nimer, Jian Wang, Verena Lentsch, Raquel Planas, Ilijas Jelcic, Aleksandar Madjovski, Sabrina Ruhrmann, Wolfgang Faigle, Katrin Frauenknecht, Clemencia Pinilla, Radleigh Santos, Christian Hammer, Yanneth Ortiz, Lennart Opitz, Hans Gronlund, Gerhard Rogler, Onur Boyman, Richard Reynolds, Andreas Lutterotti, Mohsen Khademi, Tomas Olsson, Frederik Piehl, Mireia Sospedra, and Roland Martin

A Sufficient Condition for the Absence of Irredundant Bases, Edmond W. H. Lee

Varieties generated by unstable involution semigroups with continuum many subvarieties, Edmond W. H. Lee

Variety Membership Problem for Two Classes of Non-Finitely Based Semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee

Modeling and Analysis of a Nonlinear Age-Structured Model for Tumor Cell Populations with Quiescence, Zijian Liu, Jing Chen, Jianhua Pang, Ping Bi, and Shigui Ruan

Local and Global Stabilities of a Viral Dynamics Model with Infection-Age and Immune Response, Jianhua Pang, Jing Chen, Zijian Liu, Ping Bi, and Shigui Ruan

GDP-L-Fucose Synthase is a CD4+ T Cell–Specific Autoantigen in DRB3*02:02 Patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Raquel Planas, Radleigh Santos, Paula Tomas-Ojer, Carolina Cruciani, Andreas Lutterotti, Wolfgang Faigle, Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers, Carmen Espejo, Herena Eixarch, Clemencia Pinilla, Roland Martin, and Mireia Sospedra

Identification of a Small Molecule Inhibitor of the Aminoglycoside 6'- N -acetyltransferase Type Ib [AAC(6')-Ib] Using Mixture-Based Combinatorial Libraries, Tung Tran, Kevin Chiem, Saumya Jani, Brock A. Arivett, David L. Lin, Rupali Lad, Veronica Jimenez, Mary B. Farone, Ginamarie Debevac, Radleigh Santos, Marc Giulianotti, Clemencia Pinilla, and Marcelo E. Tolmasky

The Permanent Functions of Tensors, Qing-Wen Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

Analysis of a Dengue Model with Vertical Transmission and Application to the 2014 Dengue Outbreak in Guangdong Province, China, Lan Zou, Jing Chen, Xiaomei Feng, and Shigui Ruan

Submissions from 2017


Methodological approach to the ex vivo expansion and detection of T. cruzi-specific T cells from chronic Chagas disease patients, Gonzalo R. Acevedo, Silvia A. Longhi, Alcinette Bunying, Nazila Sabri, Augusto Atienza, Maria P. Zago, Radleigh Santos, Valeria A. Judkowski, Clemencia Pinilla, and Karina A. Gomez

The Logistic Growth Model as an Approximating Model for Viral Load Measurements of Influenza A Virus, Abbiana Arenas, Neil B. Thackar, and Evan Haskell