Mathematics Faculty Articles



Submissions from 2007


Compatifiant Algebras and the C*-algebras of the affine group, Abdelkrim Bourouihiya, M. Akouchi, and A. Bakali


K-41 Optimized Approximate Deconvolution Models, William Layton and Iuliana Stanculescu

Minimal Semigroups Generating Varieties with Complex Subvariety Lattices, Edmond W. H. Lee

On a Simpler Basis for the Pseudovariety EDS, Edmond W. H. Lee

On Identity Bases of Exclusion Varieties for Monoids, Edmond W. H. Lee


On the Complete Join of Permutative Combinatorial Rees–Sushkevich Varieties, Edmond W. H. Lee


Gersgorin Type Theorems for Quaternionic Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang


On the Bohr Inequality of Operators, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 2006


Maximal Clifford Semigroups of Matrices, Edmond W. H. Lee

Maximal Normal Orthogroups in Rings Containing No Infinite Semilattices, Edmond W. H. Lee

Subvarieties of the Variety Generated by the Five-Element Brandt Semigroup, Edmond W. H. Lee

The Intersection of Pseudovarieties of Central Simple Semigroups, Edmond W. H. Lee and Norman R. Reilly


On the Cohomology of Spatial Polygons in Euclidean Spaces, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy


Relative Perturbation Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Diagonalizable and Singular Matrices - Application of Perturbation Theory for Simple Invariant Subspaces, Yimin Wei, Xiezhang Li, Fanbin Bu, and Fuzhen Zhang

siRNA Drug Delivery by Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles, Xudong Yuan, Ling Li, Appu Rathinavelu, Jinsong Hao, Madhusudhanan Narasimhan, Matthew He, Viviene Heitlage, Linda Tam, Sana Viqar, and Mojgan Salehi

Eigenvalue Inequalities for Matrix Product, Fuzhen Zhang and Qingling Zhang

Submissions from 2005


Disc Separation of the Schur Complement of Diagonally Dominant Matrices and Determinantal Bounds, Jianzhou Liu and Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 2004

Genetic Code, Attributive Mappings and Stochastic Matrices, Matthew He

Genetic Code, Hamming Distance and Stochastic Matrices, Matthew He, Sergei V. Petoukhov, and Paolo E. Ricci

Identity Bases for Some Non-exact Varieties, Edmond W. H. Lee


Matrix Inequalities by Means of Embedding, Tian-Gang Lei, Ching-Wah Woo, and Fuzhen Zhang


The Schur Complements of Generalized Doubly Diagonally Dominant Matrices, Jianzhou Liu, Yunqing Huang, and Fuzhen Zhang

A Matrix Identity on the Schur Complement, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 2003

On the Formation of Persistent States in Neuronal Network Models of Feature Selectivity, Evan Haskell and Paul C. Bressloff

3D Nonrigid Motion Analysis Under Small Deformations, Chandra Kambhamettu, Dmitry Goldgof, Matthew He, and Pavel Laskov

Submissions from 2002


On Quadrature Rules Associated with Appell Polynomials, Gabriella Bretti, Matthew He, and Paolo E. Ricci


Differential Equation of Appell Polynomials Via the Factorization Method, Matthew He and Paolo E. Ricci

Information entropy of orthogonal, Matthew He and P. E. Ricci

Fibonacci-Type Polynomials as a Trajectory of a Discrete Dynamical System, Matthew He, Davis P. Simon, and Paolo E. Ricci

Submissions from 2001

Population Density Methods for Large-Scale Modeling of Neuronal Networks with Realistic Synaptic Kinetics, Evan Haskell, D. Q. Nykamp, and D. Tranchina

Population Density Methods for Large-Scale Modelling of Neuronal Networks with Realistic Synaptic Kinetics: Cutting the Dimension Down to Size, Evan Haskell, D. Q. Nykamp, and D. Tranchina

Double Helical Sequences and Doubly Stochastic Matrices, Matthew He

Equivalence of the Wielandt Inequality and the Kantorovich Inequality, Fuzhen Zhang

Matrix Inequalities by Means of Block Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang

Jordan Canonical Form of a Partitioned Complex Matrix and Its Applications to Real Quaternion Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang and Yimin Wei

Submissions from 2000


A Model of Balance of Payments Crisis: Monetary Independences as a Determinant of Exchange Rate Disequilibria, Ordean G. Olson and Matthew He


On the Hadamard Product of Inverse M-matrices, Bo-Ying Wang, Xiuping Zhang, and Fuzhen Zhang


Equivalence of a Matrix Product to the Kronecker Product, Yimin Wei and Fuzhen Zhang


Schur Complements and Matrix Inequalities in Lowner Ordering, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1999

Sur L'analyse Spectrale des Opérateurs de Convolution du Groupe Affine de la Droite Réelle. (French. English, French summary) [Spectral Analysis of the Convolution Operators of the Affine Group of the Real Line], Abdelkrim Bourouihiya and S. Kabbaj

Relativistic Jacobi Polynomials, Matthew He and P. Natalini


Some Inequalities for Sum and Product of Positive Semidefinite Matrices, Bo-Ying Wang, Bo-Yan Xi, and Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1998

An Analogue of Hua's Determinantal Inequality, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

On Normal Matrices of Zeros and Ones with Fixed Row Sum, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

On the Precise Number of (0,1)-Matrices in u(R, S), Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang


On Zero-One Symmetric and Normal Matrices, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1997

The Relativistic Szego Polynomials, Matthew He, S. Noschese, and P. E. Ricci


Asymptotics of Zeros of Relativistic Hermite Polynomials, Matthew He, K. Pan, and Paolo E. Ricci

Zeros' Asymptotic Distribution of Polynomials Orthogonal with Respect to Varying Weights, Matthew He, P. E. Ricci, and P. Natalini

Numerical Results on the Zeros of Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials, Matthew He, P. E. Ricci, and D. S. Simon


Dynamics of the Zeros of Fibonacci Polynomials, Matthew He, David S. Simon, and Paolo Emilio Ricci


Norm Hull of Vectors and Matrices, Chi-Kwong Li, Nam-Kiu Tsing, and Fuzhen Zhang


Sign Patterns of Nonnegative Normal Matrices, Zhongshan Li, Frank Hall, and Fuzhen Zhang

Schur Complements and Matrix Inequalities of Hadamard Products, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang


Quaternions and Matrices of Quaternions, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1996

Explicit Representations of Faber Polynomials for m-Cusped Hypocycloids, Matthew He

Asymptotic Distribution of Zeros of Weighted Fibonacci Polynomials, Matthew He and Paolo E. Ricci


An Operator Inequality and Matrix Normality, Charles R. Johnson and Fuzhen Zhang

The Generalized Numerical Range with Completely Symmetric Function, Fuzhen Zhang and Tian-Gang Lei

Submissions from 1995

On the Zeros of Weighted Faber Polynomials, Matthew He

The Faber Polynomials for Circular Lunes, Matthew He


Trace and Eigenvalue Inequalities of Ordinary and Hadamard Products for Positive Semidefinite Hermitian Matrices, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

Words and Normality of Matrices, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

On Numerical Range of Normal Matrices of Quaternions, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1994


On Faber Polynomials Generated by an m-star, J. Bartolomeo and Matthew He

Faber Polynomials for m-Fold Symmetric Domains, Matthew He

The Zeros of Faber Polynomials for An M-Cusped Hypocycloid, Matthew He and E. B. Saff

The Numerical Range of Normal Matrices with Quaternion Entries, Wasin So, Robert C. Thompson, and Fuzhen Zhang


Another Trace Inequality for Unitary Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang and Bo-Ying Wang

Submissions from 1993

Variation of Gaussian Curvature under Conformal Mapping and its Application, Matthew He, Dmitry B. Goldgof, and Chandra Kambhamettu

Submissions from 1992

Research Problem: A Majorization Conjecture for Hadamard Products and Compound Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang


Some Inequalities for the Eigenvalues of the Product of Positive Semi-definite Hermitian Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang and Bo-Ying Wang

Submissions from 1991


Uniform Convergence of Polynomials Associated with Varying Jacobi Weights, Matthew He and X. Li

Submissions from 1989

Notes on Hadamard Products of Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang

Some Identities of Permanents, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1988

Another Proof of a Singular Value Inequality Concerning Hadamard Products of Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang

Solution to a Conjecture of Marcus, Kidman, and Sandy, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1987

On Eigenvalue and Singular Value Inequalities for Matrix Product, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang

Containment Forces in Low Energy States of Plasmoids, Daniel R. Wells and Lawrence Carl Hawkins

On the Best Euclidean Fit to a Distance Matrix, Fuzhen Zhang

Some Notes on The inequality of Hermitian Square Matrices, Fuzhen Zhang

Submissions from 1984

A Note on a Problem From Advanced Mathematics, Matthew He

Approximation of Rational Functions on Complex Domain, Matthew He

Submissions from 1983

Stark Broadening of the Paschen Beta Line of Hydrogen in a Linear Discharge, R. Castell, David Mandelbaum, A. Mendes, and S. Sanchez

On Operation of Power Series, Matthew He

Medición del Ensanchamiento Stark de la linea 13406.6 de Argón, David Mandelbaum, E. Iglesias, Y. Guimerans, and R. Castell

Submissions from 1982

A Generalization of Weierstrass Theorem, Matthew He

Infrared Detector for Continuous Monitoring of Water Vapor, David Mandelbaum

Submissions from 1979

The Orientability of Vector Bundles with Respect to Certain Spectra, Donald M. Davis, Sam Gitler, Wolf Iberkleid, and Mark E. Mahowald

Submissions from 1978


Pseudolinear Spheres, Wolf Iberkleid

Clebsch Representation in the Theory of Minimum Energy Equilibrium Solutions in Magnetohydrodynamics, Hanno Rund, Daniel R. Wells, and Lawrence Carl Hawkins

Submissions from 1976

Electron Impact Excitation of the Mainel Band System of N+2, David Mandelbaum and P. D. Feldman

Submissions from 1974

Splitting the Tangent Bundle, Wolf Iberkleid

Submissions from 1970

Curvilinear Polyadic Moments of the Boltzmann Equation. I. Polyadic Hierarchy for An N-Species, Dilute, "Point" Plasma, Lawrence Carl Hawkins