Submissions from 2021

Homecoming, Rebekah Coffman and Amanda Furiasse

Intersectionality and Latinx Identity, Yvette Fuentes

Writing from the Margins: An Introduction to U.S. Latinx Literature, Yvette Fuentes

Testimonio: Creative Writing Workshop, Yvette Fuentes and Kate Waites


Aliyah: Mapping the Ethiopian Jewish Migration to Israel, Amanda Furiasse

Charting the Flow of Mana: Urban Revivalism as Food Security, Amanda Furiasse

Madagascar’s Miracle: Artemisia and the Race for a Cure to Covid-19, Amanda Furiasse

Mapping Mana: Biblical Hermeneutics, Food Justice, and Humanities GIS, Amanda Furiasse

Handling Covid-19 Part 2: USA, Germany, Czech Republic, and Holland, Stephen R. Levitt

Handling Covid-19: USA, Holland, Germany, and Canada, Stephen R. Levitt

Round Like a Circle in a Spiral: The Movie Poster Art of Film Noir, Marlisa Santos

Men’s Parallel Responsibility, Vicki Toscano

Politics Now: Insurrection Edition, Charles Zelden

Submissions from 2020

Truth and Persuasion in the ‘Graveyard of Reputations’: The Joint United States Public Affairs Office during the Vietnam War, Katy Doll

Cruzando mares: Nostalgia y Hibridez cultural en la poesía de Khédija Gadhoum, Yvette Fuentes


Charting the Flow of Mana in the Twin Cities: The Religion & Health Database, Amanda Furiasse


Digital Dua, Amanda Furiasse

Hacking Quarantine: Ethiopian Jewry under Lockdown, Amanda Furiasse

Reprogramming the Rabbinate: Race, Programming, and Africana Dance in Israel, Amanda Furiasse

British Elections in December of 2019, Stephen R. Levitt

Hadrian: Was He a "Good" Emperor?, Stephen R. Levitt

Who Were the Minoans?, Stephen R. Levitt

Why Judges Must Go: The Road to the Judicial Reform in Early 1950s’ China, Teng Li

“The cat’s in the bag, and the bag’s in the river”: Journalistic Scandals in Film Noir, Marlisa Santos

Contested Elections and the 2020 Presidential Race, Charles Zelden

Election 2020: A Post-Mortem, Charles Zelden

Election During A Pandemic: A Constitutional Conversation, Charles Zelden

Family Deep Dives: Elections, Charles Zelden

Getting the Low Down on Voting in the 2020 Presidential Election, Charles Zelden

National Security and Civil Liberties: A Balance of Needs vs. Rights, Charles Zelden

Nightmares and Meltdowns: What Could Go Wrong with the 2020 Election and What we Can do to Stop It, Charles Zelden


Talking Legal History Podcast, Episode 23: Bush v. Gore: Exposing the Growing Crisis in American Democracy, Expanded 3rd Edition., Charles Zelden

Understanding Fundamental Documents: The Bill of Rights & The UN Declaration of Human Rights, Charles Zelden

When Elections Go Wrong: Remembers Bush v Gore, Charles Zelden

Submissions from 2019


[Dramatic Reading] The Cripple of Inishmaan, James Doan


An “Ad Agency in Khaki”: The Influence of Advertising and Media Practices on U.S. Psychological Operations during the Korean War, Katy Doll

Dancing Around Mount Carmel: ‘East’ Haifa & the Ethiopian-Israeli Beta Dance Troupe, Amanda Furiasse


Mapping Religious Pluralism in the Twin Cities, Amanda Furiasse

Brexit and the Irish Border, David Kilroy

From Piracy to Terrorism: Understanding the Roots of U.S. National Security, David Kilroy

Final Discussion of Law in the Third Reich, Stephen R. Levitt

Law and Justice in Nazi Germany, Stephen R. Levitt

Law and Justice in Weimar Germany (Part 1), Stephen R. Levitt

Law and Justice in Weimar Germany (Part 2), Stephen R. Levitt

Law in East Germany: The Janka Trial, Stephen R. Levitt

Law Themes from the Film, "Never Look Away", Stephen R. Levitt

A Legal Glitch: Property Regulation and Postwar Taiwan, 1945–1948, Teng Li

1920s Comedies from Hal Roach Studios, Yair Solan

Adapting to New Media: Early Experiments in Remediation, Yair Solan

Quality Pictures Authenticated by the Author: Adaptation, Remediation, and Cultural Uplift, Yair Solan

The Ethical Implications of Genetic Enhancement, Vicki Toscano

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Politics, Vicki Toscano and Aileen M. Farrar

Roe v. Wade: the Morality and Legality of Abortion, Vicki L. Toscano

The Ethical Implications of Genetic Enhancement, Vicki L. Toscano

Designer Genes: Genetic Modification and Its Ethical Implications, Vicki L. Toscano and Samiksha Prasad

Gerrymandering, Charles Zelden

The Dangers of Vote Denial and Dilution, Charles Zelden

The Many Faces of Gerrymandering: A Preliminary Assessment, Charles Zelden

The Problem of Gerrymandering: Issues, Challenges and Solutions, Charles Zelden

Update on Politics, Charles Zelden

Voter Suppression, Charles Zelden

Voting and the Problem of the Environment: Why Election Reform is a Necessary First Step to Tackling Global Warming, Charles Zelden

Submissions from 2018

German Legal Development After Napoleon (Part 1), Stephen R. Levitt

German Legal Development After Napoleon (Part 2), Stephen R. Levitt

Istria: A Culturally Rich Land Shared by Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy (Part 1), Stephen R. Levitt

Istria: A Culturally Rich Land Shared by Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy (Part 2), Stephen R. Levitt

Victoria and Albert: Constitutional Monarchy in the 19th Century and Now, Stephen R. Levitt

Edith Wharton at Chickering Hall: Amusement and Activism in Gilded Age New York, Yair Solan

And the Winner Is . . . The 2018 Midterms: A Post-Mortem, Charles Zelden

The upcoming mid-term elections, Charles Zelden

Constitutional Magical Thinking: The Electoral College 2016-2017 as a Case Study, Charles Zelden, Mark Graber, Franita Tolson, Lori Ringhand, and R. B. Bernstein

Submissions from 2017

Author-Meets-Readers: Edward Foley’s Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States (Oxford University Press, 2016), Tabatha Abu El-Haj, Mark Graber, Charles Zelden, and Edward Foley

Cuba in Transition: From State Socialism to the Neoliberal Global Order, G. Nelson Bass III

[Dramatic Reading] A Bad Year for Tomatoes, James Doan

[Dramatic Reading / Discussion] "Oedipus" and "Oedipus at Colonus", James Doan

[Dramatic Reading] Yeats's "The Stolen Child" and Beckett's "Waiting for Godot", James Doan

Militarizing Judaism: Wealth, Power, and Occupation in Biblical Regulations on Property, Amanda Furiasse

Listening to the End Times: Brand Nubian and the Ethics of Listening as a Black Apocalyptic Disciplinary Practice, Amanda Furiasse and Sher Afgan Tareen

From the White House to the Thatched Cottage: American Presidential Visits to Ireland and the Immigrant Narrative, David Kilroy

Anselm Kiefer, German Society and the Past, Stephen R. Levitt

Forging Post-War Security: The U.S. and Germany from the Morgenthau Plan to the Marshall Plan and NATO, Stephen R. Levitt

German Election 2017 (Part 1), Stephen R. Levitt

German Election 2017 (Part 2), Stephen R. Levitt

"Kombat Sechzehn" A Film About Problems in Eastern Germany, Stephen R. Levitt

Moabit and Migration (Part 1), Stephen R. Levitt

Moabit and Migration (Part 2), Stephen R. Levitt

Moabit and Migration (Part 3), Stephen R. Levitt

Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman and Charlie Chaplin’s Behind the Screen, Yair Solan

Stephen Crane and the Impressionism of the Screen, Yair Solan

Natural Mothers: The Rhetoric of Abortion Law, Vicki L. Toscano

Hate Speech and our Community Response, Charles Zelden

Thurgood Marshall’s Constitution, Charles Zelden

Submissions from 2016

Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Transition to Neoliberal Democracy, G. Nelson Bass III


Allegory and Numerology in Apocalyptic Endgames, James Doan

[Dramatic Reading] W.B. Yeats's "Easter 1916", James Doan

[Staged Reading] Good and Evil in an Irish Context: Two One-Act Plays ["Never Gamble with the Devil" and "Jack the Ripper?"], James Doan

“On Strange Knowledge and Fear from Poe to Wells: The Sciences in Supernatural Horror, Aileen M. Farrar

Postcolonial Perspectives on Anglo-American Environmentalism, Aileen M. Farrar

Preparing for the Market for English Graduate Students, Aileen M. Farrar

Romantic Holism in Wuthering Heights, Aileen M. Farrar