Submissions from 2013

Adapting Dracula to an Irish Context: Reconfiguring the Vampire(s), James E. Doan

Religious Controversy in the Life and Works of Christopher Marlowe, James E. Doan

Religious Controversy in the Life and Works of Christopher Marlowe (1564-93), James E. Doan

The Universal Vampire, James E. Doan

Women and Prophecy in Early Celtic Societies and Literatures, James E. Doan

Curious Engagements: Outsiders Defining the African Experience, Ransford F. Edwards

The Dawn of Frankenstein: Sociopolitical, Literary, and Scientific Origins, Aileen M. Farrar

The Web of Spectral Reflections in Turn of the Screw, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

Gender and National Identity in the Work of Dulce María Loynaz, Yvette Fuentes

Gender and National Identity in the Work of Dulce María Loynaz, Yvette Fuentes

Journeys to relive your past? Journeys to recover your future? : Identity and Transnationalism in Karla Suárez’s La Viajera, Yvette Fuentes

Heal My Womb: Fecundity, Disability, and God, Amanda Furiasse

Mystery Writers of America, Florida Chapter Panel Moderator: Character, Plotting, Christine Jackson


Vision and Blind Spots in Tana French’s Broken Harbor, Christine Jackson


Creativity: Process and Product, Christine Jackson and Paul Bradley

From Exemplar to Irritant: The Contrasting Role of Anti-Colonialism in the Presidential Visits to Ireland of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, David P. Kilroy

The Dunganstown Legacy: Making Sense of American Presidential Visits to Ireland, from Kennedy to Obama, David P. Kilroy

Comparative Government Studies, Stephen R. Levitt

German Elections 2013, Stephen R. Levitt

Legal Issues Around Medical Marijuana, Stephen R. Levitt

Life and Death in 20th Century Berlin, Stephen R. Levitt

Life and Death in Berlin (Extended Version), Stephen R. Levitt

Life and Death in Berlin (Extended Version), Stephen R. Levitt

Roman Vishniac Rediscovered, Stephen R. Levitt

Summer Travels, Stephen R. Levitt

Who Are We? Immigration, Identity and Transition in South Florida., Judith Mckay

Queering El día que me quieras, Feminismo, Post-feminismo, Neo-feminismo, Joanne Pol Urréchaga

Un estudio Queerde tiempos históricos: David y Jonatán, Joanne Pol Urréchaga

Wiretapping the Unconscious: Psychological Manipulation and Voice Recording in Film Noir, Marlisa Santos


From William de Laurence to Miss Cleo: Money, Magic and Trickery in the Tropics, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

Writing Juju: 21st Century Literary Imaginings of a Fantastical Caribbean, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

Early Visual Media in Stephen Crane’s ‘The Blue Hotel’ and ‘The Five White Mice, Yair Solan

Antiabortion Shibboleths and the Law, Vicki L. Toscano

Antiabortion Shibboleths and the Law, Vicki L. Toscano

Is There a Right to Die?, Vicki L. Toscano

Same Sex Marriage and the State, Vicki L. Toscano

The State of Same Sex Marriage, Vicki L. Toscano

To Kill or Not to Kill: The Death Penalty, Vicki L. Toscano

Hollywood’s Warrior Woman for the New Millennium, Kate Waites


Twelve Little Monkeys, Kate Waites

The Southern Roots of the Reapportionment Revolution, Charles L. Zelden

Abraham Lincoln and his World, Charles L. Zelden

Doing Legal History, Charles L. Zelden

March on Washington Panel Discussion, Charles L. Zelden

Scholarship in the Classroom, Charles L. Zelden

The Politics of Obamacare, Charles L. Zelden

The Supreme Court’s Reapportionment Dilemma, Charles L. Zelden

Thurgood Marshall: A Life, Charles L. Zelden

Thurgood Marshall: Before the Robe, Charles L. Zelden

Understanding the Federal Government Shutdown, Charles L. Zelden

Using the Chicago Manual of Style in Student Papers, Charles L. Zelden

Using the Law as a Tool of Social Change: The NAACP’s Attack on Jim Crow Segregation, Charles L. Zelden

What is the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Why Does it Matter So Much, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 2012

The Irish Dracula: A Melodrama in Five Acts: Reading and Discussion, Barbara Brodman

2012 and the End of the World, Barbara L. Brodman

Book Editing, Katy Doll

Book Editing, Katy Doll

Challenging State Sovereignty, Ransford F. Edwards

Institutional Development in a post-Westphalian Reality: The Problematic of Supranational Integration and National Devolution, Ransford F. Edwards

The Role of NGOs, Ransford F. Edwards

Narrative Autophagy: The Consuming and Consumed Ouroboros of British Imperial Travel Narratives, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

Somos Galegos: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Regionalist Galician Literature, Yvette Fuentes

Viva el Carnaval: The Tradition of Carnival in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, Yvette Fuentes

Re-imagining Home: Operation Pedro Pan in the Cuban-American Imaginary, Yvette Fuentes and Aleksandra Nesic

Hegel on Non-Philosophy, Darren Hibbs

Why Progressives Need a Minimally Realist Theory of Truth, Darren Hibbs

Edgar Allan Poe and True Crime, Christine Jackson

Mystery Writing, Christine Jackson


Renovating the Haunted House: Tana French's The Likeness, Christine Jackson

The Stalker’s Gaze in Alcott’s A Long Fateful Love Chase, Christine Jackson

In the Footsteps of JFK: Barack Obama’s Presidential Visit to Ireland, David P. Kilroy

Planning for Intervention: Charles Young and the Roosevelt Corollary in Haiti, David P. Kilroy

The Transatlantic Mirror: Teaching History to American Students in Europe, David P. Kilroy

Why American Presidents Want to be Irish: State Visits, from Kennedy to Obama, David P. Kilroy

Freedom of Speech and the Enlightenment, The Vote at UN on Status of the Palestinian Delegation, Stephen R. Levitt

War Crimes Trials, Two Lectures on International and American Copyright Laws, Shipping Accidents and the Law, Stephen R. Levitt

International Healthcare Ethics, Ben Mulvey

Vengeance between Friends: Aristotle and Film, Ben Mulvey

These Two Pretty Children/Flew Away: Myth and Migration in the Night of the Hunter, Marlisa Santos


‘Gangsta Monstas’: Hollywood’s Ghoulish Imaginings of Caribbean Gangsters, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins


Obi or The History of Three-Fingered Jack: Colonial Europe’s Literary Haunting of the Caribbean, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

The Fantastic and Britain’s Early Literary Imaginings of the West Indies, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

American Literature: The Internet and Other Media, Yair Solan

Striking Stereopticon Views’: Edith Wharton’s ‘Bunner Sisters’ and Nineteenth-Century Magic Lantern Entertainment, Yair Solan

The Navigator, Yair Solan

Abortion Law: Past, Present, and Future, Vicki L. Toscano

Law, Abortion, and Motherhood, Vicki L. Toscano

Law, Abortion, and Motherhood, Vicki L. Toscano


The Femme Fatale Re-born, aka Hollywood's 21st Century Warrior Woman, Kate Waites

A Conflict of Strategies: Thurgood Marshall and the Civil Rights Movement, Charles L. Zelden

Election 2012: What Happened and Why, Charles L. Zelden

Making Sense of Reapportionment, Charles L. Zelden

The Long Civil Rights Movement, Charles L. Zelden

The Reapportionment Dilemma, Charles L. Zelden

Thurgood and the Two Preachers: Differing Modes of Civil Rights Reform in the 1950s and 1960s, Charles L. Zelden

What to Expect in the November Election, Charles L. Zelden

Why Bush v. Gore Still Matters, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 2011

Myths of the Past and the Future, Barbara Brodman

For the Blood is the Life: Myths and Rituals of Vampirism in Southwest and Plains Indian Cultures, James E. Doan

Doing More With Less: Government Challenges for Mitigating Climate Change and Enhancing Emergency Preparedness, Ransford F. Edwards