Submissions from 2015

The Creation and Implementation of Public Policy in the Americas, Ransford F. Edwards

The Animal Sign in Pom Poko: Imaginations Run Wild, Aileen M. Farrar

Reforming the Specters of Science in Frankenstein: A Monster’s Newtonian Philosophy, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

20th Century Mexican Literature, Yvette Fuentes

Crossing Borders within and beyond Mexico: An Introduction to the Life and Work of Carlos Fuentes, Yvette Fuentes

Matzo Balls in the Ajiaco: The Representation of the Jewish People and their History in Contemporary Cuban Fiction, Yvette Fuentes

Smoke and Mirrors: Paul and the Politics of Class Conflict, Amanda Furiasse

Panels on Character Development, Narrative, and Revision, Christine Jackson

A Forgotten Hero: The Legacy of Colonel Charles Young, David Kilroy

Global Competency and Study Abroad, David P. Kilroy

Christopher Waldrep: Scholarship, Teaching, and Professional Citizenship, Michael Les Benedict, Lynne Curry, Timothy S. Huebner, Michael J. Pfeifer, and Charles Zelden

Comparative Legal Systems, Stephen R. Levitt

Denmark: 1940-1945, Stephen R. Levitt

Iran's Constitution and Human Rights, Stephen R. Levitt

Recent Elections in Canada, Stephen R. Levitt

Rome and Bologna and the Development of Civilian Law, Stephen R. Levitt

Russian Constitution, Stephen R. Levitt

The Non-Proliferation Treaty, International Sanctions, U.S. Legislation and Iran, Stephen R. Levitt

Trafficking Lecture with Others, Great Decisions, Stephen R. Levitt


La Experiencia Queer en “Mi Muñequita la Farsa de Gabriel Calderón, Joanne Pol Urréchaga

I Told My Story Better: The Writer Character in Film Noir, Marlisa Santos


Writing Juju: 21st Century Literary Imaginings of a Fantastical Caribbean, Andrea E. Shaw-Nevins

Contagion by the Kinetoscope: Prizefight Films and Early Modernism, Yair Solan

London in Hollywood: Jack London’s Autobiographical Novels and the Social Problem Film, Yair Solan

Media Archaeology Across Text and Image: Literary Histories of Early Cinema’s Intermedia Networks, Yair Solan

Modernism and Cinema: Genealogies of Rupture, Yair Solan

Silent Comedies Starring Charley Chase and James Parrott, Yair Solan

How the Law Shapes Gender Identity: Antiabortion Shibboleths and the Law, Vicki L. Toscano


An 'F' Word Revival, Kate Waites

Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell: The Refracted Subject, Kate Waites

A Few Thoughts on Gerrymandering, Charles Zelden


Book Discussion: Thurgood Marshall: Race, Rights, and the Struggle for a More Perfect Union, Charles Zelden

Doing Legal History Research, Charles Zelden

How I Got Into Scholarship, Charles Zelden

New Perspectives on Twenty-Century Criminal Justice, Charles Zelden

So Hillary is Running for President...What's Next, Charles Zelden

Voting and the Politics of Identity, Charles Zelden

Voting Rights and the Constitution: The Origins, Contents and Impacts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Charles Zelden

Submissions from 2014

Organized Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy during the ‘War on Terror', G. Nelson Bass III

Organized Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy during the "War on Terror", G. Nelson Bass

Ireland and the Supernatural, Barbara Brodman

Reinterpreting the Vampire as an Image of Social Change, Barbara Brodman

The Irish Dracula, Barbara Brodman

Bloody Vampires! Damn That Bram!, James E. Doan

I Kyd You Not, James E. Doan

Images of the Modern Vampire, James E. Doan

The Irish Dracula, James E. Doan

The Irish Dracula: Vampires without Fangs, James E. Doan

United States, Africa, Caribbean, and Latin American Relations, Ransford F. Edwards

Introduction to Teaching Literature: Anxieties, Methods, and Tools, Aileen M. Farrar

Teaching Literature through Writing and Speaking, Aileen M. Farrar

Frankenstein Bicentennial Workshop, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

From las Jarchas to Neruda: Hispanic Poetry through the Ages, Yvette Fuentes

The Dispersed Nation: The Representation of the Jewish People and Their History in Contemporary Cuban Fiction, Yvette Fuentes


The Dispersed Nation: The Representation of the Jewish People and Their History in Contemporary Cuban Fiction, Yvette Fuentes

Along the Way: Love, Life and Death in the Poetry of Claribel Alegría, Yvette Fuentes and G. Cerasani

Museums, Media, and the New Global Religious Consciousness, Amanda Furiasse

The Colonial Collection: Museums, Material Objects, and Religion, Amanda Furiasse

Beatles 50th Anniversary of USA Tour, Christine Jackson


Outstanding Contribution to Serious Study of Mystery and Crime Fiction, Christine Jackson

Psychological Space in Bradley’s Flavia de Luce Series, Christine Jackson

Global Competency: Why International Studies and Study Abroad Matter, David P. Kilroy

The Dead and the Departed: U.S. Presidential Visits to Ireland and Transatlantic Identity, David P. Kilroy

Berlin, November 9: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall, Stephen R. Levitt

From Hollywood to Nuremberg, Stephen R. Levitt

Scottish Referendum, Stephen R. Levitt

Summary of War Crimes Themes from Winter 2014 Lectures, Stephen R. Levitt

The Armenian Genocide, Stephen R. Levitt

The Life of Benjamin Ferencz and the Einsatzgruppen Trial, Stephen R. Levitt

The Life of Francis Lieber and the Lieber Code, Stephen R. Levitt


Lessons from our Elders Regarding Life, Conflict, and Change, Judith Mckay

Animal and Human Friendships in Film, Ben Mulvey

Bad People and Good Friends: Crime Films and Aristotle, Ben Mulvey

Getting the Most Out of Your Study Abroad Experience: Las experiencias en Granada 14 años antes y ahora, Joanne Pol


Carlos Gardel: Queering the Tango Master and History in Two Acts, Joanne Pol Urréchaga

Continuous Suffering: Noirish Sensibilities in Infernal Affairs and The Departed, Marlisa Santos

The Ministry of Other Things, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

Cycles of Titillations and Intermedial Twists: New Perspectives on Silent Film, Yair Solan

From Lantern Show to Moving Picture Show: Turn-of-the-Century Fiction and the Transformations of Screen Media, Yair Solan

What the Veriscope Saw: Stephen Crane and the Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight, Yair Solan

Medical Marijuana and the Law, Vicki Toscano

Antiabortion Shibboleths and Law: The Transformation of Rhetoric into Scientific Fact, Vicki L. Toscano

Medical Marijuana and the Law, Vicki L. Toscano


Sarah Polley's Docu-memoir, Stories We Tell (2012): The Deflected Subject, Kate Waites

Doing Legal History, Charles Zelden

Here They Come Again: The Midterm Elections of 2014, Charles Zelden

Presidential Politics Since Bush v. Gore, Charles Zelden

Thurgood Marshall: A Life in the Law, Charles Zelden

The More Things Change . . . A Few Thoughts on Peter H. Argersinger’s Representation and Inequality in the Late 19th Century, Charles L. Zelden

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been . . . Witch Hunts in American History, Charles L. Zelden

A Short History of the Long Civil Rights Movement, Charles L. Zelden

Endgame: Obamacare on the Eve of the End of Open Enrollment, Charles L. Zelden

Getting Set for the Midterm Elections, Charles L. Zelden

The Politics of Obamacare, Charles L. Zelden

Voting Rights: Foiling Fraud, Protecting Access, Charles L. Zelden

Witch Hunts in American History, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 2013

Living Treasures of Peru, Barbara Brodman

Sugar Skulls and Skeletons: Understanding the Mexican Day of the Dead, Barbara Brodman

The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire, Barbara Brodman

The Vampire as Image of Social Change, Barbara Brodman