Submissions from 2021


Johnson, Sir William, James Doan

Choice Book Review: Wylie, Lesley. The poetics of plants in Spanish American literature., Yvette Fuentes

An Afro-centric Approach to Public Health: Africana Religions and Public Health in Graduate Education, Amanda Furiasse

In Defense of Slowing Down, Amanda Furiasse


Racial Purity and Dangerous Bodies: Moral Pollution, Black Lives, and the Struggle for Justice by Rima Vesely-Flad (review), Amanda Furiasse

Dance in African Islam, Amanda Furiasse and Sher Afgan Tareen

“In the Pull of Memory”: Noir’s Legacy of Amnesia in Tough Guys Don’t Dance, Marlisa Santos

Submissions from 2020

Choice Book Review: Aquí and allá: transnational Dominican theater and performance, Yvette Fuentes

[Book Review] "Facing Barriers: Palestinian Women in a Jewish-Dominated Labor Market," by Vered Kraus and Yuval P. Yonay, Amanda Furiasse

Ethiopian Jews, Amanda Furiasse

Higher Ed's Looming Women's Crisis, Amanda Furiasse

Submissions from 2019

[Book Review] The Psychological War for Vietnam, 1960–1968, by Mervyn Edwin Roberts III, Katy Doll

P2P surveillance in the global village, Jeremy Weissman

Vulnerability and Obligation in Science and Medicine, Jeremy Weissman

Submissions from 2018

Choice Book Review: Latinx Writing Los Angeles: Nonfiction Dispatches from a Decolonial Rebellion, Yvette Fuentes

What the Veriscope Saw: Stephen Crane, the Prizefight Film, and Unreliable Spectatorship, Yair Solan

Submissions from 2017


[Book Review] The Headless Horseman of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales By Mindy Campbell Hudson, James Doan

Choice Book Review: Only the Road/Solo el camino: Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry, Yvette Fuentes

Submissions from 2016

Book Review: Mínima Cuba: Heretical Poetics and Power in Post-Soviet Cuba, Yvette Fuentes

Choice Book Review: Documenting the Undocumented: Latino/a Narratives and Social Justice in the Era of Operation Gatekeeper, Yvette Fuentes

Choice Book Review: Freedom from Liberation: Slavery, Sentiment, and Literature in Cuba, Yvette Fuentes

Choice Book Review: Reading Junot Díaz, Yvette Fuentes

Book Review: Toward a Multicultural Configuration of Spain: Local Cities, Global Spaces ed. by Ana Corbalán, and Ellen Mayock (review), Joanne Pol


[Book Review] Modernism, Media, and the Virtual, Yair Solan


Housebreakers and Peeping Toms: Voyeurism in John Cheever’s Early Suburban Stories, Yair Solan


Trump's abortion remarks remind us to seek solutions that don't harm women, Vicki Toscano

Submissions from 2015


Cut from the Same Cloth: The US Textile and Apparel Industry and Post-Disaster Designs for Haiti, Ransford Edwards Jr.

Book Review: Palabras sin velo: Entrevistas y cuentos de escritoras cubanas by Helen Hernández Hormilla, Yvette Fuentes

Book Review: A Locker Room of Her Own: Celebrity Sexuality and Female Athletes. David Ogden and Joel Nathan Rosen, eds., Joanne Pol

Book Review: Tornasol: Guía para la interpretación de textos literarios y cine. Sobejano-Morán, Antonio., Joanne Pol


Un estudio queer de tiempos históricos: David y Jonatán, Joanne Pol

Submissions from 2014


[Book Review] "A Plea of Humanity to Law" Review of Hofmann, Tom, Benjamin Ferencz, Nuremberg Prosecutor and Peace Advocate, Stephen R. Levitt


Lulu and the Mechanization of Homo sapiens, Jeremy Weissman

Submissions from 2013

Charles Young: The Talented Tenth and American Empire, David Kilroy

Submissions from 2012

Charles Dickens and Hablot K. Browne: Cross-Narrative Creation and Collaboration in Bleak House, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

Striking Stereopticon Views’: Edith Wharton’s ‘Bunner Sisters’ and Nineteenth-Century Magic Lantern Entertainment, Yair Solan

Submissions from 2011

John Scottus Eriugena on the Composition of Material Bodies, Darren Hibbs

Submissions from 2010


[Letters to the Editor] President Obama is a Realist, Not a Snob, Jeremy Weissman

Unmanned War Systems and American Society, Jeremy Weissman


[Memo] Restrictions on Government Entities Lobbying the Federal Government, Jeremy Weissman and Craig Holman

Submissions from 2009

[Memo] Personal Financial Disclosure Reports, Jeremy Weissman and Craig Holman

Submissions from 2008

The White Rose, Truth and Power, Stephen R. Levitt


Eurocentrism versus Multiculturalism, Stephen R. Levitt and David L. McNaron

Submissions from 2005

Momentum Towards War: The Sinking of the Maine and the War of 1898, David Kilroy

Submissions from 2003


Newspeak: When Words Can Kill, Stephen R. Levitt

Submissions from 2002

[Book Review] An Irish Literary Dictionary and Glossary by Richard Wall, James Doan

[Book Review] The Irish Storyteller by Georges Denis Zimmermann, James Doan

Alone at West Point: The Military Education of Charles Young, 1884-1889, David Kilroy

As the World Turns: Title VI and the Resurrection of the International Studies Program at Wheeling Jesuit University, David Kilroy

Chasing Villa and the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden: Historical Precedent for ‘America’s New War, David Kilroy

Submissions from 2001


“Old Army Pioneer: The Early Career of Charles Young, David Kilroy

Submissions from 1998

A Colored Officer in a White Man’s Army: The Case of Colonel Charles Young, David Kilroy

Submissions from 1993


Recollecting Sweeney, James Doan

Submissions from 1992

Lillian Hellman's ‘Maybe’: Autobiographical Revisioning, Kathleen A. Waites Lamm

Submissions from 1976


An Unedited Welsh Poem from Peniarth 49: Cywydd y Gal, James Doan