Submissions from 2011

The Iranian Constitution and the Islamic State’s Political Institutions, Dustin Berna

The Negative Effects of American Political Polarization, Dustin Berna

Beyond Gender Essentialism and the Social Construction of Gender: Redefining the Conception of Gender through a Reinvestigation of Transgender Theory, Jason J. Campbell

Phenomenology and Case Study Research, Robin Cooper

Writing Primary Care Qualitative Research Well, Robin Cooper and Ronald Chenail

Writing Primary Care Qualitative Research Well, Robin Cooper and Ronald J. Chenail

New Paradigms for Conducting Qualitative Research with Vulnerable Populations in Primary Care, Robin Cooper, Ronald J. Chenail, and Maureen Duffy


Exploring Methods for Exploring Identity: Biographical Narrative and Phenomenological Research, Robin Cooper and Karen Wilson Scott

Ain’t Gonna Teach War No More, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Dignity and Social Movements, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

What Do Students Learn When We Teach Peace?, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth, Teri Triguba Williams, Barbara Allen, and Christian Francis Schoepp

Mediation and Forgiveness, Alexia Georgakopoulos

The Role of Silence and Avoidance in Interpersonal Conflict, Alexia Georgakopoulos

A Study of Family Mediator Effectiveness and Implications for Families and the Mediation Process, Alexia Georgakopoulos and P. Bell

Keeping Family Mediation Authentic and Meaningful: Metaphors, Narratives, Mindfulness, and Forgiveness Speak Volumes, Alexia Georgakopoulos and R. Storrow

The Role of Spirituality in Mediation: Consideration of a Faith-Based or Spiritual-Based Approach, D. Jones and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Communication Styles and Dealing with Differences, Neil H. Katz and Elena P. Bastidas

Rotary International District 5550, Ismael James Muvingi

The Evolution of Somali Fashion in Changing Security Contexts, Mary Schwoebel

Future of Somalia, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Nations Without States: Pashtunistan and Balochistan, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Sustainable Peacebuilding in Contested and Weak States, Mary Hope Schwoebel

The Evolution of Somali Fashion in Changing Security Contexts, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Women and the Arab Spring, Mary Hope Schwoebel


Power, Equality, and Qualitative Fieldwork, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku, Edward O. Keith, and Albert Kafui Wuaku

Submissions from 2010

Challenges of Doing Fieldwork in One's Own Community: Presentation of Self in the Field, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku

Lay Perspectives on Mental Health: Ghanaian Women talk about their Mental Health Status, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku

Advanced Time Series Regressions and Research, Dustin Berna

Homosexual Genocide, Dustin Berna

Interview with NBC Channel 6 on the Topic of Pakistani Terrorists in Chile, Dustin Berna

The Ayatollah Khomeini and his Theoretical Views on Islamic Democracy and Government, Dustin Berna

The Politics of Hezbollah, Dustin Berna

A Contemportary Analysis of Genocide and Conflict, Jason J. Campbell

On Becoming a Graduate Student: Critical Analysis and Academic Writing, Jason J. Campbell

The Historical Manifestation of Jamaican Homophobia, Jason J. Campbell

Ripeness, Readiness and Grief in Conflict Analysis, Jason J. Campbell, Amaud Stimec, and Jean Poitras

Mahler in Jihlava: aus der Jugendheit: at the Gustav Mahler Jugendhaus, Mark J. Cavanaugh

Phenomenology, Robin Cooper

Shades of Acceptance: A Phenomenological Study of the Transition to a Majority-Minority Community, Robin Cooper

Iraq’s War Economy, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Peace Education in Afghanistan, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth


Restorative Writing: Connecting Adjudicated Students to Local and Global Communities, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

A 21st Century Approach to Diversity in Conflict Resolution, Alexia S. Georgakopoulos

Africa on Trial? The International Criminal Court and Transitional Justice, Ismael James Muvingi

Demilitarizing Politics, Securing Peace, Ismael James Muvingi

Zimbabwe: Transitional Justice in Uncertain Transformations, Ismael James Muvingi

Careers in International Affairs, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Global Lessons in Community Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Somalia: Failed State or Failed Policy, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Transborder Community Dialogues: Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Afghanistan/Pakistan, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Women and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Visions of Nature and Place in Myth and Story among Campesinos in Veracruz, Mexico, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos, E. Keith, and S. Duluc-Silva

Submissions from 2009

Communication and the Mobilization of Noncombatant Groups for Peace in African Lethal Conflicts, Bertha K. Amisi

They Chew Pills like Roasted Corn as They Do Their Daily Chores: An Exploratory Study about the Use of Medication among Women in Southern Ghana, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku

You are Lying in the Room but Your Feet are Outside: Reflecting on Women's Sense of Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Ghana, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku

Demographic Change in Broward County: Impacts on Ethnic and National Identity, Robin Cooper

Negotiating Transnational Social Control: Gender Analysis of the Life Stories of Immigrants in South Florida, Robin Cooper and Diana Riviera

Lugo and Paraguay’s Indigenous Communities: One Year On, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

History and Consequences of Manatee Hunting by Campesinos at El Manatí, Veracruz, Mexico, Keith E., Eileen M. Smith-Carvos, C. Ledon, and S. Duluc-Silva

Understanding Cultural Frameworks: Techniques for Mediators, Alexia Georgakopoulos

Spirituality In Mediation: What Does It Look Like, What Does It Feel Like, And How Does It Affect The Process?, D. Jones and Alexia Georgakopoulos

An Introduction to International Human Rights, Ismael James Muvingi

Manitoba Human Rights Commission, Ismael James Muvingi

Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Ismael James Muvingi

Widening the Opportunity Structure Framework; The Capital Market Sanctions Campaign on Sudan, Ismael James Muvingi

Workshop on Grant Writing, Ismael James Muvingi

Evaluating Peacebuilding Training Programs, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Fertility and Inequality Across Borders: Assisted Reproductive Technology and Globalization, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos

The Cultural Politics of Environmental Conservation: Attitudes, Agency, and External Institutions in Latin America, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos

Memories of Manatee Hunting from Campesinos in Veracruz, Mexico, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos, E. Keith, S. Duluc-Silva, and C. Ledon

The Peacemakers of Institutionalized Mediation: Theories to Reveal the Influences of Power in Family Mediation, R. Storrow and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Too Much of a Good Thing? When Stability Impedes Flexibility, Susan Wiese, Urszula A. Strawinska-Zanko, Robin Vallacher, and Deanna Jackson

Submissions from 2008

Peacemaking in Post-Cold War Africa: Displacement or Disillusionment with Dialoguing for peace?, Bertha K. Amisi

Not all Sudanese Muslims are the same: Institutionalized Genocide Committed by Arab Muslims against the African Muslim Population, Dustin Berna

The Causes of Islamic Fundamentalism: A Quantitative Analysis, Dustin Berna

The Importance of Constructivism in the Post-9/11 World, Dustin Berna

The Institutionalization of Islamic Social Movements: A Comparative Analysis of Hamas, Hezabollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood, Dustin Berna

Imagining Nationalist Wombs: How Nationalism is Expressed through Women’s Bodies, Robin Cooper

State Terror and Perceptions of National Belonging: Violence against the “Enemy” Within, Robin Cooper

Creating a Sense of Belonging: Campus Culture, Student Voices, and the University Experience, Robin Cooper and Cherise James

Land and Dignity in Paraguay, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Peace, Love, Poetry: Hip Hop in the Peace Educator’s Classroom, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Teacher Effectiveness Examined as a System: Facilitation Sessions with U.S. and Japanese Students, Alexia Georgakopoulos

Toward Understanding Workplace Bullying and Violence: Facilitation Sessions with Conflict Resolution Graduate Students, Alexia Georgakopoulos, L. Cook, and B. Kent

A Cross-Cultural Study of Student Perceptions of Teacher Immediacy: An Examination of Best and Worst Teachers across Six Cultures, Alexia Georgakopoulos and L. K. Guerrero

The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Mediation: Consideration for a Faith-Based Approach, Alexia Georgakopoulos and D. Jones

Conflict Discourse among Sudanese Dinka Refugees, T. Jaeckle and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Conflict Discourse among Sudanese Dinka Refugees: Implications for Cross-Cultural Analysis and Resolution, T. Jaeckle and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Cultural Representations of Identity, Trauma, and Transnationalism among Dinka Refugees: Implications for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, T. Jaeckle and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Mediation and Cultural Dimensions, T. Jaeckle and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Getting Humanitarian Action Right, Ismael James Muvingi

Human Rights and Peacebuilding in Post Transition Societies, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Ismael James Muvingi

Research and Grant Writing, Ismael James Muvingi

Resource Wars and Human Rights, Ismael James Muvingi

The Politics of Entitlement and the Failure of Democracy in Zimbabwe, Ismael James Muvingi

Governance in Somalia, Mary H. Schwoebel

Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Somalia, Mary H. Schwoebel

Environmental Justice For Low-Income Neighborhoods, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos

Man is Cuttin' Down His Own Self, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos

Overtown: Neighborhood, Change, Challenge and ‘Invironment.’, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos and Eisenhauer E.