CCE Faculty Articles

CCE Faculty Articles


A selection of faculty scholarship from the College of Computing and Engineering.


Submissions from 1986

Space-Time Modeling of Vector Hydrologic Sequences, Jose A. Ramos and Stuart Jay Deutsch

Submissions from 1985

Bork, A. (1985). Personal computers for education, Gertrude W. Abramson

Tobias, J., Short, J., Burrowes, S. and Lough, T. (1985). Beyond mindstorms: teaching with IBM LOGO, Gertrude W. Abramson

Submissions from 1984

Space-Time Evaluation of Reservoir Regulation Policies, Jose A. Ramos and S. J. Deutsch

A Unifying Tool for Comparing Stochastic Realization Algorithms and Model Reduction Techniques, Jose A. Ramos and Erik I. Verriest