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The mission of the Florida Distance Learning Association's Journal is:

  • To establish a network of people whose focus is to provide support and cooperative programs and activities through videoconferencing and other distance learning technologies for the betterment of education, local economies, and the community
  • To collaborate with educational institutions, cultural centers, community groups, service organizations, and government agencies
  • To share knowledge, experiences, and information concerning strategies and technologies for the advancement of distance learning

Current Volume: Volume 3 (2018) Winter 2018



Give to Teachers What Belongs to Teachers
Senta A. Sellers and Joana Fernandez


TOPkit: An Online Faculty Development Resource
Shelly Wyatt PhD, Wendy S. Howard, Ashley Salter, and Jessica Tojo


Developing and Implementing an Online Course Framework
Jennifer L. Reeves, Jason Karp, Gabriela Mendez, Elda Veloso, Maureen McDermot, Jia Borror, and Berta Hayes Capo


Accelerating Students Forward to Excellence with UCF Online
Bren Bedford, Beth Nettles, and Karen Tinsley-Kim