This analytical autoethnography offers a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the researcher's academic odyssey by drawing parallels between their personal experiences and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey archetype. Adopting Anderson's analytical autoethnographic approach, the researcher assumed the role of a complete member of the Doctor of Education (EdD) program, engaging in analytical reflexivity to develop a theoretical understanding of their academic journey. Through systematic data collection and introspective analysis, the study uncovers thematic threads and arcs of growth that resonate with the monomythic narrative archetype. The research incorporates a comparative examination with Campbell's Hero's Journey, providing a structured framework for organizing and analyzing the autoethnographic data. This framework reveals potential connections and emergent themes throughout the doctoral pursuit. Concurrent data analysis involving reflective journals, coursework materials, social media dialogues, and communications with cohort members allows for a comprehensive exploration of the researcher's personal experiences. The analytical layered-account autoethnographic data analysis illuminates the relationship between the researcher's academic journey and the theoretical framework, elucidating the significance and relevance of their experiences within the broader context of the monomythic narrative archetype. As a result, the autoethnographic account provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking narrative of the researcher's transformative doctoral odyssey.


analytical autoethnography, academic journey, Hero's Journey, Doctoral Journey

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Dr. Wayne Taylor is an early-career researcher working as the Director of the Office of Veteran Success, University of South Florida. His key research foci are sociology of veteran studies (including veteran critical theory, social justice theories, and cultural equity), andragogies in scholarly practice (particularly post-traditional military-connected students), and methodological innovations. Taylor is a qualitative inquirer, an auto-ethnographer, a phenomenologist, narrative inquirer, and a program evaluator. Please direct correspondence to wtaylor@D-I-Group.com.

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