This study explores how Nepali professors engage in informal learning practices in their workplace and identify the potential for creating a conducive learning environment We conducted in-depth interviews with five Nepali professors using a qualitative case study approach to explore their informal learning experiences at their workplace. The study revealed that professors engage in informal learning through various methods, such as enacting job roles, reflecting on work experiences, interacting with colleagues, seeking feedback, and initiating self-learning through reading, online courses, professional networks, and formal training programs. However, organizational constraints hindered their self-initiated learning activities. Future research can examine the organization constraints influencing self-initiated learning among professors. This study contributes to the limited research on informal learning among professors in the workplace of developing countries and emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive learning environment for their professional growth.


workplace learning, informal learning, professors, case study

Author Bio(s)

Sabina Baniya Chhetri (Corresponding author) is an Assistant Professor in HR and General Management at Kathmandu University’s School of Management (KUSOM). Please direct correspondence to sabina@kusom.edu.np

Prakash C. Bhattarai, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Development Studies at Kathmandu University’s School of Education (KUSOED). Please direct correspondence to prakash@kusoed.edu.np


Sabina Baniya Chhetri: Dr. William Stewart supported me in improving this paper.

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