Teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) in the twenty-first century has witnessed several changes, which have sparked tremendous changes in the teachers’ standpoints and the conceptualizations of professionalism. In this context, this study explored the stakeholders’ perceptions of EFL teacher professionalism. For this, the phenomenological research design was adopted. The study site was a Bachelor's Programme on a community campus in Nepal. The informants comprised the real stakeholders of the programme that comprised three EFL teachers, nine students, two administrators, and one member of the campus management committee. To collect the informants’ lived experiences, the researcher used an unstructured interview in a naturalistic setting. The results revealed that EFL teachers’ professionalism can be measured by their roles and skills; teacher-student relationships; and teachers as administrators and change agents. This implies that EFL teachers, like the teachers of other subjects, should be loyal, committed, accountable, and responsible as the success or failure of the autonomous programmes mainly depends on the teachers.


EFL, professionalism, roles, tasks

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A teacher trainer, a translator, and the Immediate Past President of NELTA Gandaki Province, Dr. Nabaraj Neupane, is an Associate Professor at Tribhuvan University. Recipient of Nepal Vidhyabhusan Ka [a coveted award of Nepal] by the Nepal Government, Dr. Neupane has presented papers (both on online and face-to-face platforms) in national and international conferences, translated literary works, and published books on language and literature. His literary works such as Aksharanjali (a collection of Nepali poems), and Selected Essays (a translated book) are in the publication process from Nepal Academy. Currently, his translated book, Discourse on Nepalese Translation has been published by Nepal Academy. To his credit, he has more than five dozen articles in indexed journals, published from home and abroad. He is an editor of half a dozen of peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of NELTA, Prithvi Academic Journal, ELT Perspectives, ELT Vision, ELT Views, and so on, and a peer reviewer of more than a dozen national and international journals. His professional interests include Translation Studies, Literature, Language Teaching, SLA, CPD, and Pragmatics. Please direct correspondence to nabaraj@pncampus.edu.np.

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