Despite the existence of many studies on language learning strategies (LLS), little scholarly work reports the LLS used by faculty members in learning English, with most participants of previous studies being students. Further, most of those previous studies have been conducted using exclusively quantitative methods. In response to these empirical and methodological gaps, the current qualitative descriptive case study investigates how Indonesian lecturers employed their strategies over their path of enhancing their English proficiency. We collected data through semi-structured interviews obtained from eight Indonesian faculty members. In this study, we found five overarching themes, including practicing in academic fields, learning by enjoying, engaging with academic resources, using online platforms, and employing the personal convenience of language engagement strategies. Findings showed that most language learning strategies employed by our participants were concerned with autonomous learning.


descriptive case study, English, individual semi-structured interviews, Indonesian faculty members, language learning strategies (LLS)

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Noprival is an associate professor at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Jambi, Indonesia. He holds a doctoral degree in Language Education from Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia. His research interests are in the area of multilingualism in education, English language education, and education. In this research paper, he is as a corresponding author. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to: noprival@gmail.com.

Alfian obtained his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Flinders University of South Australia on majoring in Curriculum Studies. Before getting his Ed.D., he earned his Master of Education (M.Ed.) majoring in curriculum studies from University of Hawai`I, USA. He is currently a lecturer at Post graduate program and the deputy dean of administration, planning, and finance at the faculty of Adab and Humanities of Islamic University STS Jambi, Indonesia. Alfian`s research interest is in the field of Education in general, Curriculum and material development, English teaching and learning, language learning strategies and education and culture.

Robi Soma is a male Indonesian graduate student who is pursuing a doctoral degree in Education in one university in Indonesia. He is also a faculty member in one public university in Jambi, Indonesia. His main interests are speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and English education in general.

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