A growing number of books have explored how teachers teach students' qualitative research in second or foreign language classroom contexts step by step. It is rare, however, to find a book on research methods that includes a social constructionist approach to reflective and experiential learning for conducting qualitative research to help students become good qualitative researchers. To fill this void, Janet C. Richards, Audra Skukauskaitė, and Ron Chenail wrote a book entitled Engaging Students in Socially Constructed Qualitative Research Pedagogies (2022). This book is an important, forward-thinking, and useful resource for the rapidly expanding field of qualitative research pedagogy. In addition, it is applicable to a broader range of active teaching in higher education. The authors discuss a constructionist approach to education. The book is separated into three sections, each of which describes a unique strategy or method for actively incorporating students into qualitative research. Chapter authors with backgrounds in six countries (the United States, Lithuania, Canada, Israel, China, and Russia) present imaginative, practical, and theoretical methods for actively incorporating students in the research learning process. The book will be of interest to students, who will appreciate the inclusion of student projects and authentic scenarios through which instructors assist student learning and qualitative research. The book will also be interesting for instructors who want to improve their pedagogy and find new ways to teach.


constructionist approach, qualitative research pedagogy

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Elih Sutisna Yanto is a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, published by EMERALD and Cogent Arts & Humanities published by Taylor & Francis. Elih is a board member of the Exploratory Practice Indonesian Community (EPiC) and faculty member of teacher training and education at Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang, Indonesia. He has taught English for twenty years. His research interests are language teacher professional development, Systemic Functional Linguistics in language education, and qualitative research in ELT. Correspondence regarding this article can be addressed directly to elih.sutisna@fkip.unsika.ac.id.

Junjun Muhamad Ramdani is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Education, University of New South Wales, Australia. He is also a faculty member of the English Education Department of Universitas Siliwangi, Indonesia. He has taught English for eight years. His research interests are language teacher professional development, teaching English speaking, TELL, and qualitative research in ELT. Please direct correspondence to junjunmuhamad@unsil.ac.id.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ronald J. Chenail for receiving the first manuscript, and we would like to thank Sally St. George for her helpful guidance and feedback during the revision process

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