Serious problems occur in social life. In several cases in Indonesia, students often abuse their group collectivity and social relations with disciplinary behaviour such as following peer persuasion to spend much time hangout so that students neglect to manage study time, complete study assignments, and even be absent from lectures.. However, other students have managed to control unproductive social relations (persuasion to hang out during class hours, inducement not to do coursework, and others) to stabilize their academic performance with assertiveness. This explore student assertiveness strategies. At the same time, they were projecting strategic assertiveness protocols to maintain their academic performance. This qualitative study involved 11 purposefully sampled university students. Student assertiveness strategies were explored using observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Spardley’s (1979) domain analysis technique and Miles and Huberman's (1994) analytical procedure were used to find meaning and project assertive syntax. The study results suggest that students tend to show assertiveness, permissiveness, and aggressiveness in effective dialogue, constructive feedback, conflict resolution, and non-verbal communication domains. However, students who had good academic performance were more effective in using assertiveness. Furthermore, our study identified six strategic models (syntax) that students use to maintain their academic performance, namely: (1) being open, objective, and rational in expressing their aspirations, (2) being firm and brave when making decisions, (3) believing in one's abilities, (4) prioritizing priorities, (5) carry out obligations without disturbing the rights of other colleagues, and (6) accept differences of opinion/views. As a result, students can use assertiveness to maintain and control destructive behaviour in their environment and social relations to remain achievers while keeping being friendly in maintaining and building social relationships. Lecturers and administrators need to do assertive training and assistance to their students on an ongoing basis so that students have additional soft skills that help them succeed in the academic field and the future.


assertiveness, assertive behaviour strategies, physical education, academic performance, qualitative research

Author Bio(s)

Jusuf Blegur is an Assistant Professor for Subject Micro Teaching, so he is actively researching various critical interventions in improving teaching skills and student success in their studies. Please direct correspondence to jusufblegur@ukaw.ac.id.

Aniq Hudiyah Bil Haq is an Assistant Professor in the field of Educational Psychology who actively researches to support the search for various psychological interventions to improve academic success. Please direct correspondence to ahbh@umkt.ac.id.

Muya Barida is an Assistant Professor in the field of Guidance and Counseling who actively researches to address various student and student learning problems as well as find ways to overcome those problems. Please direct correspondence to muya.barida@bk.uad.ac.id.


The research team would like to thank the Directorate of Research and Community Service, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia as the sponsor of this research through Basic Research Scheme through contract number: 1064/LL8/PG/KM/2020. We also thank the Center for Education Financing Services and the Scholarship of Educational Fund Management Institutions of the Republic of Indonesia for sponsoring the publication of research results.

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