Despite unremitting efforts to develop quality criteria of qualitative research, traditional criteria for the trustworthiness of qualitative results are still predominant in interpretive and naturalistic inquiries including Ph.D. studies. This work does not aim to replace the existing quality criteria but rather to update and simplify those criteria to include credibility, confirmability, and representativeness. The purpose of the study is to offer a review of existing criteria and strategies for qualitative research and to suggest simple criteria and strategies that will win the confidence of the academic community and augment the trustworthiness of qualitative research.


quality, qualitative, criteria, revision, research

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Majd Megheirkouni's research focuses on leadership practice in all settings, non-profit management, informal cultural forces, equality and diversity, ethical behaviour, research methods, and the intersection of the above themes. He explores the interconnections between his topics in his book Sport Leadership (Routledge - 2023). Please direct correspondence to m.megheirkouni@Abertay.ac.uk

James Moir is a professor in language and professional communication, with extensive experience of applying of discourse analytic research across a wide range of topics including doctor-patient interactions, teenage pregnancy, death and dying, immigration, higher education, and environmental issues. He has held a number of external grants related to his work in discourse studies. In addition, he has also carried out research on teaching and learning in higher education including consultancy work for the QAA (Scotland). He has served on the editorial boards of academic journals including the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, and Philosophical Studies. He was also appointed as one of three Senior Associates of the Higher Education Academy’s Centre for Sociology, Anthropology, and Politics. He has also contributed to various local and national media items including a BBC Scotland interview on teenage pregnancy, an STV feature on internet dating, and a report by The Evening Telegraph on the 2017 parliamentary elections. Please direct correspondence to J.moir@abertay.ac.uk

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