Mid-level managers of multinational corporations often struggle to find a leadership style that helps build a high-performance organizational culture. This paper discusses the research question of what strategies some mid-level managers in a multinational corporation in Asia employ to create a high-performance organizational culture. The authors chose six mid-level managers of a multinational Fortune 500 IT corporation in Singapore to participate in this case study research blended with techniques of miniethnography. The authors looked for qualities and approaches required for leaders to build and lead their teams to high-performance standards in times of uncertainty. The study concluded that successful leaders who apply the embracing leadership style encouraging a culture of free-flowing feedback in times of uncertainty would build high-performance teams which are highly influential to the company’s success and competitive advantage. The authors conducted this study during the peak of COVID–19 in Singapore. The challenges they faced are reflected in this paper. In this study, the authors came up with qualities required for leading teams for high performance in times of uncertainty and volatility. Business leaders who focus on meaningful accomplishments, improving performance, and shaping the company's organizational culture will strive for excellence and promote feedback.


miniethnography, case study, blended study, leadership style, employee feedback, uncertainty, organizational culture

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Dr. Alexander L. Lapshun earned his doctoral degree in the School of Management at Walden University. His doctoral study focused on strategies of creating organizational culture in high-performance teams in multinational corporates. Dr. Lapshun has worked in leadership positions in numerous global corporates across different industries in Asia and Europe. Today he is a professor of Business Administration in Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico and at the University of the People. Dr. Lapshun is an active performance and organizational consultant and entrepreneur in the field of EdTech. Please direct correspondence to alapshun@gmail.com.

Dr. Gene E. Fusch is a professor emeritus in the Doctorate of Business Administration Program in the School of Management at Walden University. He teaches qualitative methodology curriculum and has helped numerous doctoral students as their doctoral study chair. He has worked as a leadership consultant and published articles and a book on improving organizational performance and return on investment strategies. See A Practical Approach to Performance Interventions and Analysis: 50 Models for Building a High-Performance Culture. Dr. Fusch serves as a member of the USCG Auxiliary to assist in marine safety education, boater safety, and reduce pollution in the Salish Sea. His interests include sailing in the waters of Washington State and British Columbia with his wife and Irish Water Spaniel Tilly. Please direct correspondence to gfusch@hotmail.com.

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