More than 70 qualitative research concepts that have been used by academics and researchers in the social sciences and humanities are presented in the book Varieties of Qualitative Research Methods: Selected Contextual Perspectives. The concepts of qualitative research are collected in this book by academics and research practitioners from around the world. Whilst critically assessing the book, the field of qualitative research has grown more diverse and inclusive of a variety of ways of knowing and inquiring. Indigenous, context-specific, and more creative epistemologies are becoming more prevalent in qualitative research scholarship and practice as the world becomes smaller and more interconnected. This book offers a venue for authors at various stages of their academic careers to exchange location- and context-specific as well as broadly applicable concepts, theories, approaches, and techniques for qualitative research. In order to cover reputable practice and scholarly experience with the given concept or method, the authors of those concepts and methods were carefully chosen in the book. This book reveals theories and approaches that are employed internationally and exhibits various worldviews and modes of knowing with honesty, objectivity, and relevance. This book offers readable introductions to the background, goals, actual processes, advantages, disadvantages, references, and additional resources for a variety of concepts or approaches. The book is important, in my opinion, for making distinctions between the various qualitative research approaches and/or methodologies.


qualitative research concepts, social sciences and humanities, diverse and inclusive, scholarship and practice, scholarly experience

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Niroj Dahal, Ph.D. Scholar in STEAM Education, works as a lecturer at Kathmandu University School of Education, Nepal, under the Department of STEAM Education. His research interests include ICT in education, qualitative research, mathematics education, open, distance & e-learning, STEAM education, research, and development, and ICT & e-Research. Mr. Dahal has been teaching graduate and undergraduate students for over a decade. He has also been continuously participating and presenting his research and practices in more than a dozen plus national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars. He has been continuously publishing articles, book reviews, and book chapters in various national and international journals and publication presses in the field of qualitative research, mathematics education, and STEAM education. You can directly write to Mr. Dahal at niroj@kusoed.edu.np.

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