The tension between performer and teacher identities in music education is a widely recognized phenomenon within the profession. However, in Colombia, previous research has mainly focused on curricular evaluations, profile, and labor market conditions, leaving a significant gap in our understanding of identity. This study aimed to investigate the role identities among graduates of the Adventist University Corporation. Two focus groups were conducted to explore the existing condition of teacher and performer identities and the impact of government-mandated curricular modifications on recent graduates’ teacher identity. The results revealed a persistent dichotomy among participants in their working lives despite institutional efforts. The major causes of identity imbalance were less than ideal working conditions in public schools, hidden curricula, and career breadth. To address these issues, future governmental and institutional endeavors should focus on improving working conditions, adapting curricula to the labor market, and providing active support for teacher identity based on experiences.


intrinsic case study, focus group, curriculum, graduates, identity, music education

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Jorge Hoyos is a composer, a classical guitar performer, and a professor at the Adventist University Corporation and the Metropolitan Institute of Technology in Colombia. Currently, he is a doctoral student at the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). Please direct correspondence to jorgeh.hoyos@gmail.com.


I would like to thank the Adventist University Corporation for their support of this study and for their interest in evaluating the learning processes and well-being of the music education program.

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