Process of peer-reviewing plays a pivotal role in scientific development, especially in academic writing and publication. The process of peer-reviewing, however, is surrounded by issues like inconsistent, subjective, unprofessional comments from reviewers, abuse of peer-review leading to reviewers stealing original ideas, and most importantly huge gap between the actual time requirement and sheer time wasted for evaluation of manuscripts. This article provides an autoethnographic account of conceptualizing, writing, and publishing a research article of an early career researcher (ECR) in India, through which it aims to show how outcomes of the peer-review process make an impact upon the minds of budding researchers.


academic writing, peer-review, autoethnography, early career researcher (ECR), India

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Abhradip Banerjee, Msc, PhD in Anthropology work as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Government General Degree College, Singur, Hooghly, India. He specializes in Social-Cultural Anthropology and his research interests include Indian Handloom Industry, Economic Anthropology, Pharmaceutical Anthropology, Material Culture. He has published several research articles in journals of both national and international repute. Email: abhraanthro@gmail.com/banerjeeabhradip@yahoo.com


The author would like to acknowledge the mentorship of both Professor Gopalkrishna Chakrabarti and Dr Arnab Das under whom he has started his first plight of writing and publication. The author then would like to sincerely thank all the reviewers who have provided their constructive criticisms on the submitted manuscript, which has helped him in crossing the first hurdle of academic writing.

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